30-day challenges

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (YELLOW) day 14: how do you stay positive?

Staying positive is important, something you have to work at, completely on your own… everyone has their own little ways of keeping their chins up…

Something I do to stay positive is — and this is unconventional — but I let myself feel really, really, really sad. I know it sounds crazy. But I’m not going to put a sunshine band-aid over my wounds and pretend I’m fine. I face my negativity head-on and conquer it! I’m not scared of it. I welcome it with no judgment. I’m sick of society saying you have to be happy all the time. The more I push away and resist negativity, the stronger it will get. So I feel it all the way.

Another technique is to take care of myself. Getting too wrapped up in other people’s issues causes a lot of negativity. I center myself, ground myself, bring myself back to the present moment. I like to hide in a corner with soft blankets and warm tea. Remember my own path. Stop comparing myself to others. Realize that I am enough.

Finally, focusing very heavily on the things that make me happy keeps me positive. Since childhood, whenever I was about to burst into tears in public (which I think should be socially accepted, because crying in secret promotes shamefulness of oneself but I guess the world is just not ready for that, whatever, I’m not bitter) in order to stop myself from crying I would think really hard about my cat, or little kitties cuddling each other.


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