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Spring Playlist

Happy first day of spring!!!

On the first day of spring, lightness & darkness are equal. In the days to come, the light will continue shining brighter and brighter until it reaches its peak. For the season of spring, things can only get better. As the sunlight increases, light is shined upon us, and the truth is revealed. The start of spring is uncomfortable, as we feel more exposed (both physically & metaphorically.) All that has been kept in the dark in autumn and buried deep in winter, reveal itself. Mid-spring brings heavy rain and dramatic thunderstorms as we awaken to everything coming to light. “Spring awakening” heightens our senses and makes us feel alive once again after a long, stiff slumber of hibernation. Finally, the seeds we planted at the start of winter, the start of a new sun cycle, are seen. The flowers are blooming! Spring is about waking up, facing the truth, welcoming the light, revealing ourselves, and learning how to proudly bask in the sun after hiding for so long. Spring represents fertility and children/youth, symbolizing rabbits and eggs.

1. The Hurt Is Gone — Yellowcard

“Watch winter melt away, look for longer days, the sun comes out, come up from underground.”

The start of a new season brings changes, and spring is about coming out from hibernation. There is no more reason to hide away as the days are getting brighter. Welcome the sun and don’t be afraid to show yourself to the world.

2. Rise Up — Infected Mushroom & Savant

“Like a phoenix through the flames.”

It’s now time to awake from the slumber of winter and rise up to a new day. This is the season to take action as your energy will continue to increase. The light is gaining strength and momentum.

3. Tip Toe — Imagine Dragons

“In the morning light let my roots take flight.”

The first day of winter plants new seeds, but it takes time for them to sprout. And then suddenly flowers seem to appear all around, out of nowhere.

4. Take You Higher — Goodwill & Hook N Sling

“Wanna take her for a ride on a big jet plane.”

With the lightness increasing, spring fever makes you feel more excited, more willing to make the most out of longer days.

5. Do It, Try It — M83

“Listen to the sound of a broken heart calling for a sign of love.”

If winter is the newborn, then spring is like the child ready to try everything for the first time. It’s very scary but very worth it!

6. Get Up, Stand Up — Bob Marley

“Most people think Great God will come from the skies, take away everything, and make everybody feel high.”

You cannot hide away in darkness forever. The lightness will always come back to shine. But that does not mean blessing will automatically fall your way, you have to take hold of the opportunities being thrown your way and fight for justice.

7. I Won’t Back Down — Tom Petty

“In a world that keeps on pushing me around, gonna stand my ground.”

Keep fighting, keep moving forward, and keep bringing on the light.

8. Lucid Truth — Blackmill


The light shows us the truth. There are no lyrics, because the truth speaks for itself…

9. It Will Rain — Bruno Mars

“There’ll be no sunlight if I lose you, baby.”

April showers…

10. Rain — The Birthday Massacre

“Praise the truth come to light.”

Rainy days are necessary for growth, and there is still so much to learn.

11. Electus — To A Friend


This liquid dubstep with a thunderstorm background is absolutely magnificent.

12. Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles

“And I say, it’s alright.”

The darkness is harsh and heavy, but necessary in order to experience the light. It feels so good to come out of the dark and feel the sun.

13. Sunny Days — Armin Van Buuren (ft. Josh Cumbee) [Club Mix]

“It’s always raining, she keeps on praying, oh sunny days, lift me when I’m down.”

There is no need to hide and sulk in the darkness forever. It must be balanced with light.

14. Daylight — Matt & Kim

“And in the daylight I don’t pick up my phone, cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home”

Brighter days bring more positivity, and longer days bring more adventures.

15. Young Blood — The Naked And Famous

“We lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight. You keep my secrets, hope to die. Promises, swear them to the sky.”

Spring is the season of youth. It feels like being young again. In contrast to autumn, the wise elder, spring is the child who is full of energy and excitement.

16. Young Folks — Peter Bjorn and John

~whistle whistle whistle~

The youthful feeling of spring with blind optimism! You can’t listen to this song and not be happy.

17. Bloom — Sultan + Shepard


This is an ambient trance EDM song. It captures the wonderful feeling of finally seeing results of all you had hoped for during the darker days.

18. Love Away — Capital Cities

“Sunshine, destiny, the birds and bees and centipedes.”

Spring is the season of fertility and falling in love. Be fruitful and merry.

19. The Power of Love — Gabrielle Aplin

“Purge the soul, make love your goal.”

Beautiful piano ballad.

20. Grow Old With Me (Don’t Let Go) — Blackbird Blackbird

“Open up your soul, you gotta lose control.”

On the final day of spring, light has reached its peak. Days will begin getting shorter and darker. Where will you go from here? When the darkness takes over, will you still remember the light?

***Click here to listen!***


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