Twin flame 🔥

Do we all have more than one soulmate… Yes!

A “soulmate” is a person who we feel connected to beyond logical explanation. There is a familiar feeling when you meet them. Soulmates are our best friends, our family, even perhaps our worst enemies!

They are people you have strong ties to. If you believe in past lives, then you know that you have definitely gone through a lot with these people, for better or worse. History repeats itself because life is cyclical in nature: seasons, years, phases, etc.

Since the energy is so strong, it’s possible to have falling outs with your soulmates. The best thing you can do is learn from them and honor them. Also know that they all serve purposes and may only be there for a certain part/parts of your life.

But have you ever heard of a “twin flame“…?

For twin flames, there can only be one, because they are twins. One has feminine energy while the other has masculine, together you are complete (regardless of physical gender, I’ll add!)

Twin flames are so important because they are absolutely vital for soul progression. Soulmates may come and go, but a twin flame will raise your vibration the highest, if you can open yourself up to it.

The reason for this — in our conscious, physical bodies, we struggle to see ourselves from an outside perspective. You can place yourself in someone else’s shoes, but it’s absolutely impossible to fully know yourself from the outside.

Until you see yourself from an outsider’s perspective, you will ALWAYS see yourself as the victim, the innocent, the hero, the protagonist, etc.

Even the cruelest of people think of themselves as innocent. Even those who are aware of negative things they have done, they fully understand their own reasoning. They were absorbed in so much hurt and negativity that it justified their actions. They may even feel guilty or regretful of their past, yet still posses a type of understanding that no one else can see.

Until you remove yourself from this mindset, seeing yourself as the possible anti-hero, villain, antagonist, etc… you will never make the effort to change and evolve into a higher consciousness!

The only way you can see yourself like that is through another person. This person must carry the same energy as you, but in an opposite form — like a mirror. The feminine must see themselves in the masculine, just as the masculine must see themselves in the feminine.

That’s when you start going through destructive changes in order to ascend your soul into higher progression. It can be traumatizing, tragic… if you close yourself to the universe and refuse to change. Once you accept yourself fully, then you can rise and see all the magic…


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