Feminine energy ~ receptivity

If you identify as female, then it’s vital to nourish your feminine energy. We all have both feminine and masculine. By embracing your side, the other side naturally balances out.

A great part of feminine energy is receptivity. This means the ability to receive.

Feminine energy has a greater need to be protected, just as masculine energy feels a stronger need to do the protecting.

This is NOT to say that females are weak! Receptive energy only makes you weak when you suppress it.

This is also NOT to say that females should just sit there, lazy and scared, waiting to recieve. That is not true reception — that is fear.

I wrote a post some time back (ladies, let go) about how women are conditioned as little girls to sit back and wait. That we are scared of putting in any work. That we hold back.

Women should indeed go after what they want, be ambitious and determined.

But I think I’ve figured out the contradiction

You can’t go after what you want, if you aren’t open to recieve!

Because we are so conditioned to not put in any work, to be perfect and flawless, to just wait… it feels very unnatural to go for what we want.

And so if you are female, and decide you want to break the conditioning, you must embrace your femininity.

Women who go after what they want, subconsciously feel that this is a masculine thing to do. That’s wrong, because all humans have wants, needs, desires, and a right to fulfill them.

If you are a lady who decides to rise up the same way that men do, do not feel like it is making you any less of a woman!

I feel that, at least personally, when I go for what I want, I raise my guard. This is shadow masculine energy coming out. This is me trying to protect myself by being overly defensive.

But if I can put myself out there by also embracing feminine receptivity, things will align more easily.

In summary…

  • Women have been conditioned to sit back patiently, looking perfect, and not putting in any work or looking like we are trying.
  • Conditioning should be broken and females should go for what they want.
  • Break the belief that going for what you want is solely a masculine trait. Otherwise, you put up a defense wall and become unbalanced.
  • Feminine energy is receptive. Females who embrace their feminine energy balance themselves in order to align with their desires.
  • Embrace feminine receptivity by going for what you want with openness, passiveness, and welcoming energy.


2 thoughts on “Feminine energy ~ receptivity

  1. I love your analysis on what “receptive” truly means! “Receptive energy only makes you weak when you suppress it.” Oh, if only more girls heard this growing up rather than “Be good and keep still.” Being receptive is about preparing a space for dreams to blossom, not about waiting for someone else to do everything for you.

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    1. Exactly! There really is a distinct difference! Female energy is not about holding back and making yourself small, but mustering the bravery to go for what you want and being ready to receive. ❤

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