A Mermaid’s Destiny (Part VIII)

Chapters: I. Conquest // II. Mermaid Ball // III. To Be a Mermaid // IV. Mother Mermaid // V. Lonely Mermaid // VI. The Captain & The Mermaid // VII. Oceana Paradise Fuchsia cried the entire night, after the captain had left her… once again! She returned to work and tried her very best to stay strong, but she was so depressed. She stared out theContinue reading “A Mermaid’s Destiny (Part VIII)”

Poetry blog

Hi, I’ve created a poetry blog that I would like to share. https://lotuspoems.wordpress.com I uploaded many poems that I had saved on my phone. It goes back pretty far to almost two years ago, up to as recent as a few weeks ago. It should be in order starting from the first post at theContinue reading “Poetry blog”

Tuesday’s Tea ~ REAL fruit tea

Today, I’m drinking “real fruit tea” which my aunt and uncle sent me. It’s tea bags with real fruit inside, so it tastes extra fresh. I want to state that I am not the same person I was before, or a few years ago, or even a couple months ago. I was living aimlessly, withoutContinue reading “Tuesday’s Tea ~ REAL fruit tea”

Mythology ~ Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis is the most legendary goddess of ancient Egyptian mythology. Most dynamic of all, she is goddess of almost everything — most famously known as goddess of love, motherhood, fertility, magic, mystery, healing, death, and rebirth. Her Greek name is “Isis” while the ancient Egyptians called her “Aset” or “Iset.” In the beginning times,Continue reading “Mythology ~ Goddess Isis”

Caturday ~ Venus update, new cat tree!

Venus has been very anxious, adjusting to a new home. Then again, Venus always seems to be anxious. I thought a new cat tree might make her feel better. Her old tree was falling apart so I threw it out, didn’t even bother moving it over. This new tree is MUCH BIGGER! It’s definitely anContinue reading “Caturday ~ Venus update, new cat tree!”

Flow Friday ~ Why I wear head coverings

As of April, I have made the decision to cover my head. I’ve been using headbands and headscarves. I want to explain my reasoning for this — both spiritual and practical. Disclaimer: let me mention that this is a personal choice. In no way am I saying that this is right, or forcing this choiceContinue reading “Flow Friday ~ Why I wear head coverings”

Throwback Thursday ~ I used to be a ballerina

I used to be a ballerina. My final recital was in 12th grade when I was 17-years old. These are videos from the dress rehearsal (not the actual recital.) I miss it a lot! This first video is on pointe ballet slippers. The song is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. (I start on theContinue reading “Throwback Thursday ~ I used to be a ballerina”

Mythology Monday ~ Kali

One of my favorite dieties is the Hindu goddess Kali. Misunderstood goddess The ancient Hindu goddess Kali represents death, darkness, and total chaos. Incredibly complex, she is the most misunderstood of all goddesses — it is said that fully understanding Kali is equivalent to transcending fear. Themes of Kali include creation and destruction; violence andContinue reading “Mythology Monday ~ Kali”

Short story ~ good communication / bad communication

Good day, bad day // Good date, bad date Electra is stuck between two worlds: the light and the shadow side. Electra has supernatural powers to travel between. As you’ve observed from previous stories, Electra has good days where everything goes right, and bad days where everything goes wrong. Which side is reality? Well, there isContinue reading “Short story ~ good communication / bad communication”

Fanfiction ~ Joker & Harley Quinn have a BABY!

So, I wrote this fan fiction about Joker and Harley Quinn having a baby together. This is not accurate, although I tried to keep it as close to both characters’s nature as possible. In May 2017, they wrote the storyline of Harley having a baby named “Lucy” in secret, who Joker knows nothing about, whoContinue reading “Fanfiction ~ Joker & Harley Quinn have a BABY!”