Short story ~ good communication / bad communication

Good day, bad day // Good date, bad date

Electra is stuck between two worlds: the light and the shadow side. Electra has supernatural powers to travel between.

As you’ve observed from previous stories, Electra has good days where everything goes right, and bad days where everything goes wrong.

Which side is reality? Well, there is no reality. Many worlds exist at the same time. Whichever world she focuses on is her current reality.

Typically, we all have one world that we live in which we call reality. Our perspectives change on a daily basis, however we tend to have a clear idea of the collective consciousness verses one’s personal perception.

And yet, Electra’s supernatural abilities are so strong that she understands there is no such thing as one, single, distinct reality.

When you make a choice, you are creating your reality — you create a fork in the road. The one you choose to travel down is what you consider reality, while the conflicting path continues to exist on another plane that you cannot see, but only imagine.

For Electra, with every fork in the road, each path is equally real — no matter which one she consciously decides to walk down.

As the story progresses, there will be a negative scenario verses positive. Through years of practice and extensive training, Electra has mastered time travel as a young adult. When she experiences negativity, she learns from her mistakes and switches her mindset in order to manifest a more positive reality for herself.

After her date with Adonis, Electra was feeling excited, but very nervous. Tremendously intense emotions were bubbling up inside of her and she didn’t know how to handle them, so she tried to keep them buried and controlled.

As soon as she got to work, before she could even put down her cup of coffee at her desk, a co-worker approached her with some work-related questions. Barely awake, she could hardly even comprehend what he was telling her.

And then walked in Adonis, and Electra immediately perked up — no caffeine necessary. Pretending not to see him, she mentally gathered herself to prepare for conversation.

But Adonis, seeing her so focused on someone else, swiftly left in a huff. Electra wasn’t sure why — immediately paranoia kicked in, like she must smell bad or have makeup smudged.

Feeling extremely self-conscious, Electra ran to the bathroom to check herself. She sprayed perfume and applied more mascara.

Electra focused extra hard on her work, hoping it could distract her from her insecurities. Wondering why Adonis hadn’t dropped by her desk, she decided she would go find him instead.

It was right before lunch when she walked to his desk, but he wasn’t there. He must’ve taken lunch a bit earlier today.

Instead, she found a note on his desk from another girl, just saying “hey there.” What was that supposed to mean? Her heart sank and she felt mortified. Was he dating other co-workers too? They never had a conversation about being exclusive. Perhaps that was why he avoided her.

Electra walked into the breakroom to grab her lunch. And there she saw Adonis eating at a table with three other girls, laughing really hard. The conversation certainly wasn’t work-related. He looked up at her, and she looked back with pain in her eyes, then left.

Right after lunch, the two happened to run into each other.

“Hey,” Adonis greeted, sounding more confident. But his confidence was intimidating.

“Hi,” Electra said coldly and defensively.

Even more defensive, as soon as another girl walked by, Adonis grabbed her arm and said, “hey, what’s up!”

So Electra spotted the first other guy she could find, and gave him a big wave from across the room.

“I gotta go, see ya,” Adonis ran off.

And that’s how the whole day went. Defense after defense. Neither wanted to actually drop their guard.

That night before bed, Electra texted Adonis, “I dont think this is going to work,” and she cried herself to sleep. He never responded.

Electra walked into work the next morning, but it was actually the same morning repeating itself. Feeling the strong emotions inside of her, she allowed them to be her guide.

Once again, she was flooded with work-related questions by a random male co-worker.

As soon as she spotted Adonis, Electra brushed off the other guy and ran to him.

“Hey!” She called out as he continued walking away, “Adonis!”

Everyone around them looked up and stared.

“You left something at my place last weekend,” Electra said, “come with me to my car before I forget.”

So they walked out into the parking lot where no one else was around, and they were able to speak in private.

“I had a really great time with you,” Electra said.

“Me too,” Adonis agreed.

“This might be difficult though, working together.”

“Yes,” he agreed again.

“I don’t know about you, but I get very jealous,” she admitted.

“Yeah, same here,” he sighed.

“We just have to be open and honest. If there’s a problem, then you verbalize it.”

“Okay, but you have to, too.”

“I think I like you a lot, but I’m not exactly sure where you stand.”

“I like you a lot, too.”

“I want to keep going with you, keep getting to know one another, keep spending time together.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“And you let me know if I’m coming on too strong, or if your feelings for me are fading. I want you to know I care, but I also don’t want to smother you.”

“I’m on the same page. I’ll let you know, if you let me know.”

“Good,” she nodded, “shake on it…?”

“Kiss on it…?”

So they went in for a warm kiss.

“Wait…” Adonis stopped, “I didn’t leave anything at your place!”

Electra blushed, “nah, you didn’t.”

“Oh, yes I did. I left my heart. But you can keep it.”


2 thoughts on “Short story ~ good communication / bad communication

  1. Fascinating! I certainly don’t have the same level of time-traveling ability that Electra has, but I do believe we can chose our reality. When I was a teenager, my mom got very sick and I was worried she was going to die. Then, one day, I decided that I was going to live in the reality where she lived. That choice helped calm my anxiety so I could be more present and helpful. And my mom did live.

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