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Summer Playlist

Happy Summer Solstice! (Midsummer)

Today marks the first day of summer, when light has peaked. It is the longest day of the year as the sunlight is at its brightest. From here on, the light will gradually begin to decrease as darkness once again comes forward — however, lightness still prevails. And it won’t be until autumn when darkness takes over. For now, we are still enjoying the triumph of light over dark. Everything is more exposed now, giving us the freedom to express ourselves and be out in the world. This is our last chance to put ourselves out there before hibernation comes. Unlike the introspective nature of winter, summer is about looking outwards and trying new things. It is your time to shine. Everyone is feeling more positive and relaxed — less afraid of the world and more eager to explore. Right now we are the participators, while in winter we are the observers. Although summer also comes with its challenges: you must remember this high energy is only temporary. Darkness will be back, you just can’t see it yet. So soak up as much heat as you can.

The reason why summer is the most relaxing season is not simply due to warmer weather, or that many are on vacation, but the due to the steadiness. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons: the changes make us uncomfortable and the weather is harder to predict. With summer, you can count on every day being a hot day. The first and last day of summer feel quite similar — compared to the first and last day of the other seasons. For this reason, there is mainly no particular order to this playlist.

1. Lighthouse — Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli

“I’m here to shine.”

Summer is bold and proud! Get out there and be yourself.

2. Ocean Avenue — Yellowcard

“Let your waves crash down on me and take me away.”

This is a classic and Yellowcard specializes in summer-songs.

3. Summer of the Occult — Seven Lions


Summer is the “full moon” of the seasons. So crazy things can happen as emotions run high.

4. Summer — Imagine Dragons

“Tell me all your secrets, let me know you.”

With the light shining bright, there’s nowhere to hide.

5. Indian Summer — Shinovi


Melt into summer.

6. Summertime Sadness — Lana Del Rey

“Think I’ll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky.”

Summer still brings despair like any other season. The light can blind us from truth and makes us feel like something is missing, when really it is just hiding. We cannot see any stars in the daylight, but they are still there guiding us.

7. Summer ’68 — Pink Floyd

“We said ‘goodbye’ before we said ‘hello.'”

This is the time to say how you feel.

8. Sun in Our Eyes — MØ and Diplo

“They said that romance makes you blind, well I’ll be blinded for a lifetime.”

By embracing positivity, you attract more positivity. The light blinds us, but that can be a good thing. Summer days are temporary so you might as well embrace that joyful feeling.

9. Surface of the Sun — Yellowcard

“We were born to be the ones, to show the faithless what we’ve done.”

So many people have negative mindsets and limited belief systems. Instead of letting them drag you down their dark hole of misery, keep your faith and prove them wrong.

10. Doin Time (Summertime) — Sublime

“Summertime and the livin’s easy!”

The verses are totally messed up, but I like the chorus. Be chill.

11. Put a Smile on Your Face — Vitamin C (ft. Lady Saw)

“Even when you’re hurting, don’t forget to smile.”

The world can be a very dark, scary, and hurtful place — but if you look for joy, you can find it. You will never find happiness by frowning your way through life. Even when you are suffering, you should smile, because that’s the only thing that will pull you out of your misery. When you spread positivity, you are making the world a better place. Some people will look at you in disgust and confusion when you smile at them, and they will accuse you of being weird or fake. Just keep on smiling and NEVER let anybody make you frown. Smiling makes everything better. People may judge you for smiling but don’t let it stop you. Smiling does NOT mean “I’m so happy” or “everything is perfect” — smiling means that you are trying to make things better, it means that you are attempting to ease the suffering, it means that you want everybody to be happy.

12. Pocket Full of Sunshine — Natasha Bedingfield

“The sun is on my side; take me for a ride. I smile up to the sky; I know I’ll be all right.”

I love Natasha Bedingfield because she is super positive and all of her songs make you feel very happy. This one is one of her happiest. She is acknowledging how much pain there is in the world, and how she chooses to focus all of her energy on joy and block out all the negativity.

13. The Beach and The City (Ambient House Mix)


The song is extremely calming, full of nature sounds and a tranquil keyboard. It makes you feel so relaxed.

14. Soak Up The Sun — Sheryl Crow

“It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

Optimism is a state of mind. It is an internal choice, not an external circumstance. Happiness has nothing to do with materialism.

15. Waves — Mr. Probz (Robin Schulz remix)

“Wave after wave, slowly drifting. And it feels like I’m drowning, pulling against the stream.”

Life’s a beach!

16. Shine — Doja Cat

“Ruby red, bright, bright.”

Keep on shining.

17. Free Yourself — Sumo Cyco

“There’s a fever in us burning in our veins.”

Summer is all about freedom.

18. Sweet Release — Scott Bond, Charlie Walker & Trouser Enthusiasts

“And I hope to show the world my situation!

With freedom comes letting go, saying how you feel, and revealing yourself to the world without hesitation. It’s healing to relinquish shame and simply be who you are without any filters.

19. On The Beach — OceanLab

“Everyday will pave the way for endless nights of dancing. And every night will fire our minds and liberate our souls.”

A very sweet and soothing song imagining paradise with your lover!

20. Summer — Calvin Harris

“And we could be together baby, as long as skies are blue.”

So many people fall in love in the summer yet fall apart towards the winter months when life becomes heavy again.

21. Fat Old Sun — Pink Floyd

“Sing to me, sing to me.”

This is the perfect summer lazy-day song, soft and chill, laying in the grass or the sand.

22. Oceana — The Birthday Massacre

“These dreams of blood and devotion follow us here.”

I placed this towards the end of the playlist because this band gives me autumn vibes. It reminds us that even though it’s still bright and warm, darkness is right around the corner.

23. Always Summer — Yellowcard

“It’s always summer in my heart and in my soul.”

A good way to end the summer playlist is to say that even though the light is leaving us, we always feel it in our core. As we enter autumn and walk back into the darkness, don’t forget about the summer. Keep your light shining strong and stay positive even when things become more difficult.

Listen here!


4 thoughts on “Summer Playlist

  1. Some great tunes here! I see some I know and some I’ll have to explore! 🌞

    By the way, I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks again for nominating me! I’m still working on my response to your questions, but I had another set of questions I was working on that made me think of you. 😊

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