Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go

I think that space can help any relationship when you are having issues, when there have been many fights and misunderstandings.

Time away from someone is risky because it can make or break what you have together. But either way it will bring clarity, and that’s much better than living an illusion.

If you have had struggles with someone, then simply seeing their face can feel like salt in the wound. Whether it is in person or social media, you see them with people and smiling and laughing, it comes across as they are having fun without you and forgot about you completely.

But many times that’s not the case because you don’t know what’s going through their head. Maybe they are searching for distraction because they are so lonely and hurt. Or maybe they are simply being kind and polite to others because they know how it feels to be isolated. You never really know. But it’s far too easy to hastily assume that they just don’t even care.

It’s especially hard to resolve conflict when you only see them in a stressful environment. Of course you will naturally take everything they do negatively when you are feeling stressed out.

But if someone means a lot to you, then you never cut them out completely. Giving space does not mean disappearing. You still want to keep that door open.

It’s like taking a time-out to recollect your thoughts. Forget about things that were said and remember the feelings they gave you.

Sometimes you really miss someone and you try so hard to see them, but at the same time you still feel wounded, so you set yourself up for getting hurt. Sometimes you really so badly want to speak with someone but the pain is still there so you end up freezing and ruining what you have.

It’s okay to feel mad and upset. You have to feel those things and release them in order to heal. Dont force yourself to “get over it” just because you miss them. You have to deal with the pain in order to move forward.

Don’t be so worried about losing someone that you force yourself to stuff down the pain. It’s okay if you need to be a little mad for a while. If you dont let that go, it turns into resentment. Dont feel guilty for feeling angry with someone you love. The feeling will pass if you let it.

The body is designed to naturally heal itself as long as you give it rest. The same way, your mind and heart can heal itself when you take some mental/emotional rest.

I have found that nothing can be forced, because forcing anything implies lack of trust.

You may find that time apart from someone makes you feel relieved, happier, more energized. Or you may find that time apart from someone leaves you longing for them and remembering all the good times, all the ways you can move forward and improve.

But if you keep forcing yourself to be with someone you will never know the difference between an old emotional attachment that you need to outgrow, or a true bond with a lot of potential that just needed to be healed and refreshed.

Letting go is scary and takes a lot of trust. But I do believe when something is meant to be you find your way back to each other. You will never know until you try. The universe has more wisdom than us.


4 thoughts on “Flow Friday ~ if you love someone let them go

  1. I gave my mom that sign 45 years ago when she remarried. Unfortunately, she never let it go and they fight like cats and dogs to this day bbut they do get something out of it, I suppose.
    Thanks for the post.

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