Little Pixie ~ An Introduction (Part I)

Nixie, the little pixie, was the youngest child of thirteen. The family resided by the ocean, as they were water pixies. They lived among other mythical creatures such as fairies, nymphs, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and so on.

Their world was similar to the human world, except instead of mechanical technology, they relied on biotechnology and mystical powers such as telepathy, teleportation, astral projection, and so on.

Also, they were invisible to the naked human eye, with few exceptions — once in a blue moon, a very smart human came along and spotted one for a moment! Some of the benevolent spirits chose to help out the humans in secret, some of the naughty ones played pranks on them, but most of them kept to themselves. Eons ago, they coexisted with the humans, until ignorance took over and the humans became greedy, violent, and ruthless.

In case you didn’t know, pixies are nature spirits who are best known for their tiny size. They also have pointy ears and many of them wear pointy hats. Water pixies, like Nixie, tend to gravitate towards water. They love to swim and splash in oceans, lakes, and ponds. Water pixies are extra sensitive and highly empathetic. They tend to have deep emotions buried beneath the surface while their exterior remains cool and calm. Knowing how fragile they are, they keep themselves guarded and are very timid and shy.

Now, back to Nixie — her parents were quite exhausted by the time she was born, so she was mainly raised by her older siblings. The eldest, a son named Beck, had golden, shoulder-length hair. He was very humble and protective, and he was Nixie’s favorite. The second eldest, Maria, had dark and curly hair, and was tremendously generous. Nixie thought of Beck and Maria as more of her parents.

The rest of the ten children were always picking on Nixie and bullying her. They thoroughly enjoyed teasing her until she cried. They liked to make her feel stupid, for they knew she was the smartest in the family. They often called her “conceited” and “full of herself,” for they were intimidated by her beauty and confidence. Consequently, this made her stronger and more prepared for the real world. “I don’t care!” She fought back with a smile every time they tried to bring her down.

Nixie would get into many physical fights with some of her brothers. They tried wrestling her to the ground and pushing her down. Knowing she was much weaker than them, she used her claws and teeth to defend herself. Nixie never bit her nails, purposely keeping them long. In fact, she spent much time filing her nails and her teeth with a blade to keep them sharp.

Secretly, Nixie was not a fighter, but a lover. Love was always on her mind, from the day she was born. But she was terrified of her deep longing for romance, and did all she could to run away from it — and yet it always seemed to find her.

“I’m going to marry a robot,” she would tell her siblings every time they teased her about crushes. “It will do all my chores for me while I do whatever I want.”

In which they would reply, “you are too in love with yourself to marry someone anyway!”

But before she even turned two years old, Nixie already had a boyfriend! His name was Easton, and he was the son of her mother’s best friend — similarly, also the youngest of thirteen! The two mothers loved to gossip and feast together while the young toddlers would play. Their favorite game was “husband and wife,” when they pretended to be married so the boy had an excuse to kiss her.

But once they turned six years old, Easton was forced to move across the globe with his family. It was extremely sudden and they failed to provide an explanation as to why. They would come and visit a few times in the following years, but soon enough disappear from Nixie’s life completely.

Someday, when Nixie would be old enough to process her grief, this loss would really hurt. But by six-years old, Nixie had become fed up with Easton’s aggressive energy. She now preferred being in the company of girls — soft, sweet, gentle. It was much better than playing with boys — fighting, spitting, throwing things — they were so barbaric!

At seven years old, Nixie began her second year of schooling. Just like the humans, these mystical creatures also received an education, however it was much more focused on magic and the supernatural. Instead of classrooms and buildings, they always learned outdoors in nature, sitting in the grass or on the sand.

For these mystical creatures, their lives do not revolve around money the same way it does in the human world. Their lives are centered around nature — and nature is free. They can still work jobs and earn gold coins, however money is seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. For those who find it more appealing, they can choose to lead a more money-centered lifestyle. But those who are “poor” still survive — their lives are typically much happier and more enriched.

To them, the whole idea of schooling is simply to learn. And the teachers teach because they are passionate about what they know and feel that it’s their duty to spread the knowledge and pass on their wisdom. (Yet still, a select few will use their education for materialistic purposes.)

Nixie had two best friends when she was seven. One was a celtic fairy named Callie, the other was a fellow pixie (a fire pixie) named Roxy.

Roxy was a princess, much wealthier than Nixie. Contrast to her large family, Roxy was an only child. Instead of siblings, she spent her days with her butlers, maids, and servants, while her parents were always off working. While many were maliciously jealous of Roxy’s luxurious lifestyle, Nixie pitied her loneliness. All the time, Nixie would have sleepovers at Roxy’s mansion, located deep in the hidden caves.

Nixie and Roxy spent much of their time together talking about boys. There was a boy in their class who acted especially strange around Nixie. He was the class clown, always interrupting the teacher to make jokes as everyone laughed. Along with this, he was also very smart. Nixie felt incredibly drawn to him and couldn’t help but think the feeling was mutual. Although she never had proof, there were always little signs.

The boy’s name was Figg. He would do silly stuff around Nixie — make funny faces, sing songs, make weird noises — anything to grab her attention. Many times he would even pull down his pants in front of her, and one time he got in trouble for it! But the one thing he never did was speak to her. Nixie developed a habit of staring at him, waiting for him to do something wacky so she could giggle. She had dreams about him, someday, walking up to her and confessing his true love!

But Nixie was incredibly doubtful. Figg came off as so outgoing and Nixie was the shyest girl in the class. Why couldn’t he talk to her, if he could talk to everyone else? It felt like such a deep, unspoken connection. Perhaps it was all in her head, she feared. She felt like she was receiving telepathic messages from him, but at only seven years old, her telepathic abilities were underdeveloped so she was unsure.

During a sleepover one night, Nixie and Roxy were going on about boys, as per usual. They were extremely, extremely curious about it all. To practice trying to talk to boys, they would pretend that the other person was their crush, and tell them their feelings. One time they even pretended to walk down the aisle and have a wedding.

“My mom kisses her girlfriends all the time, do you wanna try?” Roxy suggested.

“Sure!” Nixie shrugged, and they shared a quick peck.

“Do you know what a french kiss is?” Roxy asked.

“I have no idea,” Nixie shook her head in bafflement.

“I think it’s when you put your tongues together!”

They really had no idea what they were talking about, or what they were doing!

Nixie must have caught a terrible cold, because the next day at school, her nose kept running. She didn’t have a handkerchief with her and was far too terrified to ask for one, so she had no choice but to grab a leaf and rub it under her nose. This left a dirt mark on her face, which all the other kids laughed at her for.

And that wasn’t the only time her social anxiety got in the way. There were many, many other times! By far, the worst was when they were taking music lessons one day, learning how to play the flute…

It was an especially hot day, so Nixie had drank extra water. In the middle of flute lessons, her bladder was tingling and she had to relieve herself immediately. However, she was too scared to ask her teacher to excuse herself. Instead, she decided to wait until the lesson was over, when she could easily sneak away without anybody noticing.

But time was moving far too slowly. Her lower stomach tightened with pain. All she could think about was how embarrassed she would feel to raise her hand and have the whole class staring at her with their judgmental faces, how red her cheeks would get. She also imagined her teacher getting mad at her if she didn’t ask the “correct way.” What if she tried to speak, and her voice was too quiet and shaky? All of these horrible thoughts were racing through her head. Uncontrollable tears began streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong?” a classmate asked, noticing her discomfort.

“Nothing,” Nixie denied.

But in a matter of moments, Nixie peed her pants! She was in absolute shock, she couldn’t believe what was happening! None of it felt real! In attempt to avoid embarrassment, she found herself a thousand times more embarrassed! There goes her chances with Figg! If he had any feelings at all for her, they were most certainly gone by now!

However, Nixie was an optimistic spirit and wouldn’t let one slip-up ruin her. No one, not even her parents, asked her why this happened. They must have assumed she just couldn’t control her bladder — but didn’t they realize she was too old for that? Didn’t anyone notice that her social anxiety was out of control? Would anyone ever help her?

That summer, when classes were over, Nixie’s family took a trip to Unicorn Island: a hidden island full of (you guessed it!) unicorns — and many other magic and mystical animals! Nixie absolutely loved animals!

Learning how to ride a unicorn was so much fun. Nixie bonded with a unicorn named Sassy — all white with a rainbow horn. She also bonded with three sisters who had come from France. Their wrangler had nicknames for them — french fry, french toast, and the youngest was french kiss. The wrangler was a chubby man who loved to tell hilarious jokes. He had nicknames for everyone, and Nixie’s nickname was “Bambi” because she was the quietest.

After completing unicorn-riding lessons, the whole family, along with many other families, rode their unicorns on a hike that was several miles long. Reaching their destination on the coast of the island by the water, the unicorns were tied to poles where everyone would hop off and be free to explore.

“Where are your parents?” the wrangler asked Nixie.

“I dunno,” she answered, quite nervous.

“Wait right here so you don’t get lost, and I’ll try to find them,” he offered.

Nixie was filled with relief. But time went by, and her parents still hadn’t found her, not even any of her twelve siblings. She grew more fearful as time passed. Still, she patiently waited, telling herself that everything was going to be okay.

A woman walked by and noticed Nixie’s discomfort, as well as the fact that she was the only one left sitting on a unicorn, all by herself.

“Oh no!” She worried, “You’re all by yourself! Do you need help getting off the unicorn? Here, let me help you!” she rushed over and held out her arms.

“It’s okay,” Nixie reassured. She felt the woman’s energy — motherly, responsible, a great burden on her shoulders to care for others before herself. Nixie felt so bad causing a stranger to worry about her.

“Are you sure?” she was skeptical at Nixie’s reluctance to accept her help.

But Nixie could not accept the poor woman’s help. She felt like she would be bothering her. She just wanted this lady to leave her alone and go off doing whatever she was doing before. Instead, she simply nodded.

“Is someone coming to get you? Does your family know where you are?”

Nixie nodded.

“Alright… but I’m coming back in five minutes to make sure!”

Time went on, and still… nothing.

Unicorns, being highly empathetic creatures, felt the energy of Nixie’s nervousness. They became extra antsy. So antsy, that they started bucking. Still tied to the poles, the unicorns bucked as hard as they could — so hard that a few of them broke free and ran away! The unicorn Nixie was sitting on neighed loudly and stood up on its hind legs, tugging against the rope.

With one buck, “Sassy” threw Nixie into the air! Being incredibly small and lightweight, she flew high into the sky, her stomach dropping and heart pounding.

Luckily for her, the wrangler came running to her rescue and caught her in his hands. Her mother, in hysterical tears, came running over and thanked the man as she took Nixie back into her arms. Nixie looked down at the rocky ground she almost landed on at full speed.

After the commotion had settled down, the woman from just before pulled her mother aside and scolded her for not keeping track of her daughter. “If no one caught her, at best, she would’ve fallen into a coma. And at worst, she could’ve died!” In return, her mother defensively screamed back at the woman and told her to mind her own business.

Nixie and her mother teleported back home to safety while the rest of the family finished their vacation at Unicorn Island. Traumatized, she could never ride unicorns again. “Ten years from now, you’ll be talking about this in therapy,” her mom attempted to joke. In a strange way, she was thankful to finally spend some quality time with her mom. It was a cherished time, for a few years later, her mother would pass away due to a tragic drowning incident.

This was only the beginning of Nixie’s story. She would go on to grow up and experience many more trials and tribulations, as well as so much love and joy ahead of her. In the distant future, the little pixie would fall in love with a great giant.


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