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All the little things I love… (and big)

1. I love Julius Caesar & Cleopatra. Not only the movie, but I love the real-life story. It’s tragic that it was cut too short. Cleopatra was a firm believer in reincarnation, so I hope they were given a second chance…

2. I love tigers. I love their orange fur and fierce, black stripes, and also their sharp canines.

3. Similarly, I love lions as well. I love all big cats but tigers and lions are probably my favorite. I admire the lion’s strength and pride.

4. I love house cats. They are the cutest. I connect with their independence, curiosity, and wildness. Either cuddling them or playing with them is so heartwarming.

5. I really love puppies and doggies, too. I love how they stay youthful their whole lives, and how they are eager to show affection, and how they are always so excited!

6. I love honey bees! Bees have a whole system where the workers supply for the Queen. And honey is so tasty and goes with almost anything.

7. I love the number seven! It’s a very spiritual number.

8. I love the red fox. It’s such a clever, intelligent, and determined wild animal.

9. I love the white elephant. They are majestic creatures that come off as very intimidating due to their size but that’s what makes them so great. Elephants never forget!

10. Oh, and back to tigers — I love frosted flakes. So yummy. Love to watch cartoons with a bowl of cereal.

11. I love coconut water. Super refreshing and hydrating! Lots of electrolytes!

12. I love the color red, and all it represents — love, passion, intensity, sensuality, excitement, boldness, and bravery!

13. I love mustaches… I mustache you a question, never mind I’ll shave it for later.

14. I love ballet. It’s so beautiful how ballerinas dance gracefully on the tips of their toes. They make it look so much easier than it is.

15. I love chamomile tea. It’s so calming and relaxing. I have horrible social anxiety and generalized anxiety, so it really helps with my mental health.

16. I love hip hop music, it’s easy to dance to. And you know I love to dance.

17. I love Italian food, it’s my favorite meal for lunch or dinner. Most especially I love a good Roman pizza. I’ll even eat it for breakfast.

18. I love the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis and all her magic.

19. I love Latin, although it is a dead language, it is one of the romance languages and the phrases are beautiful.

20. I love oatmeal. Absolutely delicious and a healthy dose of fiber! You can make instant oatmeal real fast, or you can prep overnight oats about eight hours ahead… so many different ways to make it!

21. I love the moon — most especially a full moon! I find the moon to be quite mystical and enchanting.

22. I love astrology!

23. I love fire, more so in a metaphorical sense — the heat, the intensity, the passion, the burning… although I do still appreciate fire in a literal sense.

24. I love herbs, they carry great medicinal and spiritual properties.

25. I love Black Sabbath… I think my favorite album is their very first.

26. I love Grateful Dead! Groovy!!! Only the true fans know their underground songs!!!

27. I love the 70s, it was truly a fantastic time for music.

28. I love Russian spy movies/books, like Red Sparrow.

29. I love the Ancient Magus’ Bride… I recently wrote all about it.

30. I love creative projects, not just writing, but also arts and crafts, drawing, painting, and so on.

31. I love leashes. It’s so cute to see an animal walking around leashed up by its owner.

32. I love headphones. The earbuds always fall out of my ears and the noise doesn’t sound as good compared to headphones.

33. I love romance and sci-fi / thriller stories — books, movie, TV, anything.

34. I love Jason Mraz, such chill songs. My favorite songs of his: I’m Yours, The Remedy, Wordplay, Rough Water, and I Won’t Give Up.

35. I love Britney Spears. Great memories, my whole childhood.

36. I love spearfishing. I have never done it myself but I’ve seen it a lot at the beach and it’s really interesting. It’s what the mermaids and mermen use to hunt I bet.

37. I love mermaids.


14 thoughts on “All the little things I love… (and big)

  1. Tigers are my favorite (and I was psyched to see one up close last week at the Bronx Zoo), but jaguars are definitely a close second on my big cats list. They’re incredibly beautiful, mysterious, elusive and they use their raw power judiciously. It’s said that when a person walks into the Amazon, jaguars see them, but they don’t see the jaguars unless the cats want to be seen.

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    1. Wow, impressive!!! The Bronx zoo has a spectacular tiger exhibit. And ohh, that’s chilling! Beautifully said about jaguars! They’re very rare because of their stealthiness, I love it.


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