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Halloween Story ~ “The Green Monster”

Warning: gory halloween story, some violence.

Newly Weds, Adrienne and Grendel, were house hunting after recently getting married. They were having horrid luck — with few options to pick from, every home they saw was either completely rundown or too expensive.

To their delight, they managed to find a home that was not only lavishing, but ridiculously cheap! The landlady showed the skeptical couple around, enthusing about what a great deal this was.

“Oh, it’s perfect!” Adrienne beamed, turning to her husband, “what do you think?”

“What’s the catch?” Grendel questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Well,” the landlady explained, “it’s just a silly little myth…” She casually shrugged, “apparently, everyone who lived here before ended up dying in this very home, so people claim it’s haunted. It’s crazy, how superstitious people can be!”

The couple both widened their eyes in fear, and then asked, “is it true?”

“The previous man who lived in this home did die here, yes,” the landlady confessed.

The couple gasped.

“But,” she added, “he lived to the ripe old age of ninety-nine! He passed away in his sleep very peacefully, after living here for decades.”

“Oh,” Adrienne replied with relief.

“And who lived here before him?” Grendel asked.

“The previous landlord’s office was burnt down after he left a candle going, so the records were lost.”

“No electronic records?”

“No, this was back in the seventies.”

Grendel and Adrienne felt very uneasy.

“Legend has it a family was living here before him, and they were all murdered on the night of Halloween. But please, don’t let foolish rumors keep you from a wonderful home! This is the best deal you’ll find!”

The couple took some time to discuss it over, and finally, decided they would go ahead and sign the lease!

A few weeks after moving in, they finally began to settle. Adrienne would hear little creeks from time to time, or notice doors shutting on their own, but Grendel helped calm her nerves.

“It’s just a draft,” he convinced her, “it’s just an older home.”

One morning, Adrienne woke up feeling nauseous and ran to the bathroom to vomit. She was sweating perfusely.

Grendel comforted her, “what’s wrong, are you sick?”

“I’m pregnant!” She exclaimed, “I know I am, I can feel something inside of me.” Her stomach gurgled.

“Oh!” Grendel cheered and wrapped his arms around her. “I better run out and get you a test, just to be sure!”

“There’s no need,” Adrienne shook her head, “I can feel it.”

“I’ll just run to the market around the corner real fast!” He insisted.

“Okay, let me get dressed…”

“No, no!” He shook his head, “you stay home and rest! I’ll be right back!”

“Alright,” she agreed with hesitance.

Adrienne didn’t like being in the house alone, ever since they moved in. She had lived alone for years prior and never minded it, but something about being in a new environment made her anxious.

As soon as Grendel walked out the front door, a wave of dread and paranoia took over her body. Her chest tightened up, her heartbeat thumped stronger, and her breathing felt constricted.

On impulse, she threw a black cloak over her pajamas and raced out the door to follow her husband.

Adrienne’s panic grew even wilder when she noticed her husband drive right past the market. Instead, he drove a few more blocks down, and parked at Wal-Mart.

Adrienne waited a few minutes after watching him go inside. She wondered what was taking so long, so she followed him in and stealthily stood behind the bookshelf as he waited in line to pay.

What am I doing?!” She paused and asked herself. She felt absolutely ridiculous, spying on her husband at Wal-Mart. But then again, she wondered, “why wouldn’t he just go to the market next door? It’s much closer…”

So she waited for him to pay, and then her heart stopped when she saw the look on the cashier’s face.

“It’s my favorite customer!” the cashier gushed, face blushing. She was much younger, with bright eyes, wearing way too much makeup for someone working in retail. She also had really tight, stretchy pants on, that stuck to her skinny legs like glue. Adrienne looked down at her own lumpy thighs in shame.

To her shock, Grendel’s face melted with flattery as he blushed right back, “oh, look, it’s my favorite cashier!”

Adrienne grew furious, watching them flirt with each other, in total disgust. Her thoughts ran mad, “why did he have to lie about going to Wal-Mart? How often does he come here? How much does he talk to this girl?”

She ran to her car to beat her husband home, innocently laying in bed by the time he got there.

He gave her the test, and when she took it, it came back negative.

“It must be too early,” she concluded, “I’ll try the other one in a few more days.”

The two of them attempted to have a relaxing Sunday, catching up on a few chores, watching a Halloween movie marathon, ordering takeout for dinner.

Adrienne still couldn’t help but feel agitated. There was a voice inside of her that kept telling her to be scared, and she was fighting against it. She told herself, so what if my husband tells a little white lie about where he’s going, at least he still got me the test. So what if some girl has a crush on him and he’s flattered by her, it’s not like anything would ever happen, it’s just silly…

Yet as soon as Grendel jumped in the shower, Adrienne followed her urges to check through his phone. She opened up his photo app to see what pictures he was *liking.* She became teary eyed when hundreds of photos of models came up. Some were super skinny, some were round and curvy, some were famous, some were just every-day people. Why is he *liking* all these photos, she panicked, why is he giving all these girls attention?

She found slight relief when she checked his inbox and saw there were no messages. But then again — what if he deleted them? Adrienne cried her eyes out.

Hearing her cries, Grendel rushed out of the shower and asked, “what’s wrong, darling?”

“It’s just the hormones,” she wiped her tears away.

The voice inside her head grew stronger, to the point where it felt like a completely distinct voice, much darker and more sinister. It kept telling her to be worried, to panic, to watch out

Adrienne felt so worthless and powerless. She stared herself in the mirror, trying to wake herself up, but all she could see were her ugly flaws.

Trying to fall asleep that night, she couldn’t cuddle with her husband like normal — it felt icky, it felt wrong

Instead, she stared at the ceiling. And the more she stared, the more it looked like green slime was oozing from the cracks. She squinted to make out the words “VENGEANCE.”

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Grendel instantly woke up and exclaimed, “what is it?!”

“Look!” She pointed at the ceiling, but the slime was gone.

“It’s just a nightmare.”

“I saw letters being spelt out!”

“Go back to sleep, honey.”

Instead, Adrienne shot out of bed and ran down the stairs. Grendel, exhausted, immediately fell right back asleep.

In the living room, the demon inside her head swirled outside of her body, coiling around her stomach, before displaying itself in front of her face. It was green with a translucent, ghost-like body in the shape of a blob.

“Seek vengance upon these models,” it ordered.

Adrienne, in a trance, nodded without second thought.

The green monster poured an unknown, liquid substance down Adrienne’s throat as she repeated chants in a foreign language.

The following morning, Adrienne woke up to the news posting several articles about the “mass murder of models,” stating how hundreds of women had died in their sleep without any evidence of how it could’ve happened. Something deep inside of her screamed with joy. Her feelings of powerlessness had completely dissipated, now she was drunk with power!

“More!” Adrienne screamed out loud. As good as it felt to have vengance, it still wasn’t enough.

While Grendel headed off to work, Adrienne called out sick and headed to Wal-Mart where she found that cashier. She hid herself until the girl took a bathroom break.

While sitting on the toilet, minding her own business, Adrienne jumped out from under the sink and grabbed the girl by her neck, as she screamed at the top of her lungs! Adrienne pulled out a knife and slit her throat, watching the cashier’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she died instantaneously.

Adrienne felt so much satisfaction to have the woman’s blood in her hands. But it still wasn’t enough — “MORE!” she shouted.

Adrienne fled the scene of the crime and decided to spy on her husband at work. He worked in a typical office with cubicles, fluorescent lighting, eggshell-white walls, a water cooler, and all that jazz. She managed to disguise herself as a construction worker and snuck into the ceiling where she could watch her husband below.

Soon enough, a beautiful co-worker approached him. She had long, platinum blonde hair that fell down to her waist. She wore a pink blouse, a black pencil skirt, and six-inch heels.

“Hey there,” she greeted in a seductive voice.

“Hi, how are you?” he greeted back.

“Doing well, and you? How was your weekend?”

“Oh,” he shrugged, “it was non-eventful.”

Seriously? Adrienne thought to herself, you don’t wanna mention a possible pregnancy?

“Mine was pretty crazy!”

“Oh yeah?” he suddenly lost interest in his work and stared at her with awe, “tell me about it.”

“I got so drunk…” she covered her face, pretending to be embarrassed.

“You did?” he smirked.

Adrienne was fuming.

“Anyway,” she quickly changed the subject, pulling out something from her purse, “I went shopping on Sunday and thought of you…” she handed him a golden statue of Zeus, “I figured you’d appreciate it.”

“My goodness!” he placed his hand on his heart, “you shouldn’t have!”

Adrienne couldn’t take it any longer. Flirting was bad enough… but random gifts?!

Adrienne picked up a bottle of sleep medicine before returning to Grendel’s work, where she spiked his co-worker’s cup of coffee while she was distracted somewhere else. This woman didn’t work in a cubical, but her very own private office.

About a half-hour later, Adrienne walked into the woman’s office, who groggily asked, “can I help you?”

“Yes!” she grinned, locking the door behind her.

Barely able to keep her eyes open, the woman asked, “wh-what are you doing?” as Adrienne tied her down in the chair with insanity in her eyes.

“Isn’t it great, being a fancy boss-lady? You get your own private office, with a lock on the door, with soundproof walls and everything!” she gleamed with a psychotic smile.

“HELP!” the woman tried to scream, but the sleep medicine was kicking in even stronger now.

“Like I said… sound-proof walls…”

The woman helplessly moaned in absolute fear, her entire body trembling.

Adrienne pulled out a whip and SLASHED her!

“BAM!” she giggled.

“AHHHHH!!!!” the woman cried out, squirming to break free from the ropes.

“BAM! BAM! BAM!” Adrienne continued whipping her.

Her eyes widened with joy as the marks became pinker, and once she saw blood, she burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“Stay away from my husband! He’s MINE!” she repeated over and over as she continued whipping the woman until her skin began to peal.

And finally — the grand finale — she jabbed her knife into the woman’s heart, killing her once and for all. A huge rush of adrenaline burst through her like a drug.

Upon returning home, Grendel was anxiously waiting for her on the couch, “where have you been?” he asked, frightened by the blood stains all over her body.

“I want a divorce!” she screamed, “you’re disloyal!”

“What?!” he panicked, “what are you talking about?”

“I’m leaving you for someone else!”


And just then, the green monster flew out of Adrienne’s body and revealed himself — the ghost-blob.

“He showed me how much of a pig you are!” Adrienne exclaimed.

And just then — another green, ghost-blob came rushing through the walls. This one had a much higher, squeakier, feminine voice, “what’s going on?!” the green monstress yelled.

“Uh, I can explain!” the green monster replied.

“Were you possessing another woman’s body?!” the monstress accused.

“Sweetie,” the green monster defended himself, “it didn’t mean anything!”

“Oh, please!” the monstress rolled her eyes.

“I was just distracting myself! I saw the way you were looking at that goblin! You wanted him, didn’t you?!”

“Baby, I only have eyes for you!”

“Oh, baby! Will you ever take me back?”

“Of course, my love!”

Adrienne and Grendel stood frozen like statues in disbelief.

“Just let me take care of one thing!” the monstress said, before throwing Adrienne to the ground and roaring at her with all her might until she was dead.

Following her lead, the monster went ahead and killed Grendel just the same.

“Oh, baby, I love it when you get jealous,” the monster breathed heavily, “it really gets me going!”

And the green monster and monstress ran away together.

Newly weds, Lila and Preston were house hunting, when they came across a beautiful house for an extremely low price.

“What’s the catch?” Preston asked the landlady.

“Oh,” she began, “just a silly little myth…”


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