15 Podcasts to Listen to This Halloween

Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit by giving these podcasts a try! Some of them are frightening enough to give you nightmares, while others are fun and fascinating.

Hippie Witch: Magick for a New Age

“HiPPiE WiTCH” is an awesome podcast that covers all things hippie & witchy! They are currently active, typically releasing two or three episodes a month. It covers a wide variety of divination and witchcraft methods, from ancient times to modern day. Topics include connecting with nature, tarot tips, mental health & self-care, spirituality, pop culture representation, sabbats, arts and crafts, manifestation, and more. The show welcomes many guests of all different backgrounds and cultures, here to share their personal knowledge and wisdom. Highly recommended for anyone who considers themselves to be a bit hippie, or a bit witchy, or even better, both! (Positive vibes only!)


“OCCULTURE” covers all things occult. The description of the podcast reads, “This is probably not for you.” It’s certainly not a lighthearted podcast. This is all about the dark arts, esoteric theories, conspiracies, and legends of real cults. It also examines occult in the media — everything from fiction movies and stories (such as classic Stephen King novels) as well as real, nonfiction books and documentaries. It also looks at biology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, economics, ancient history, and current events — and their connection to the occult. They are not as active as they used to be, but there’s an extensive library full of many episodes.

Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO, & Lore Interviews

“Mysterious Radio” is a highly active podcast with new episodes almost every day. Here, you’ll hear true stories coming from interviews with experts on alien sightings, ancient cults, secret societies, serial killers, time travel, paranormal activity, and all things mysterious and unsolved. Some of it is dark and disturbing, while some of it is cool and fascinating. And all of it is true — real occurrences and experiences that have happened to people.

Real Ghost Stories Online

“Real Ghost Stories Online” is also highly active with new episodes every day. The title says it all — real ghost stories. These are true experiences that have happened to every-day people. It’s the type of occurrences that will make you think… this has to be more than “coincidence”… there must be something more out there than what meets the eye…

Adventures Through the Mind

Not your “typical” Halloween podcast, “Adventures Through the Mind” examines the mystery of our own minds, and just how far down the rabbit hole it can take you. This fairly active podcast releases two or three episodes a month. Examples of topics include: the healing potential of psychoactive plants, ancient cultures and their ritualistic connection to natural substances, philosophical theories, environmentalism, mental health, religion and spirituality, and the way the brain works. [Recommended episode: *Halloween Special* The psychology of horror (10/30/18)]

The Mayan Crystal

Perfect for children and families, “The Mayan Crystal” follows the story of an eleven-year old girl who uses her crystal to invoke the ancient Mayan gods, but accidentally summons evil spirits instead. This is a short series, consisting of only 12 episodes that are all less than 20 minutes long, and currently not putting out any new episodes. But this is great for a long car ride with your kids.


Another children/family podcast, “Unspookable” is active and currently posting a few episodes per month, each around 20-minutes long. It’s recommended for ages 8+. It discusses popular urban legends such as “Bloody Mary” or the use of ouija boards, and explains the history of where they came from and how we know them today.

Whoroscope Witch

“Whoroscope Witch” is a sassy and entertaining, yet useful and practical podcast for those who are interested in astrology, tarot, sabbats, spirituality, religion, and other esoteric arts. It discusses astrological happenings in real-time, book reviews, business advice, and spiritual evolution. New episodes a few times a month.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

“Supernatural” is a weekly podcast that retells true stories of encounters with the mystical. Some of them happened a few years ago, some of them a few decades ago, and some of them, a few centuries ago! These stories will have you questioning the existence of aliens, famous conspiracy theories, demon possession, and all things unsolvable and unexplainable. Very chilling.

Secret Societies

“Secret Societies” is a case for real, underground, secret societies being the reason for worldwide events. New episodes at least once a week discuss specific societies, events, and conspiracy theories — how they orchestrate these events — and the reason behind doing so. Agendas include white supremacy, Satan worship, black magic, economic downfall, and more. Extremely disturbing.

Conspiracy Theories

“Conspiracy Theories” aims to encourage viewers to look beyond the story they’ve been told by the mainstream media. You may think you know the truth, but once you hear the details, you’ll think again. Topics include UFO cover-ups, the hallow earth theory, fluoride, MKUltra, the Titanic, the deaths of Edgar Allen Poe, Mozart, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Kennedy, and Lincoln — and so much more! New episodes several times a week!

Your Own Magic

“Your Own Magic” is a positive podcast that focuses on raising your vibration and accumulating those good vibes in order to manifest a joyful life. If you are interested in strengthening your consciousness and becoming more spiritually connected, then this podcast is for you. Topics include positive encounters with aliens and higher-dimensional beings, tackling anxiety, forgiveness and releasing the past, and more. Highly active with new episodes every few days. This is ideal for those who are looking for something out-of-this-world, but not scary at all! In fact, super healing!

Serial Killers

Okay, now back to scary. “Serial Killers” not only retells true stories of deranged serial killers, but also digs deep into the psychology of how a person could ever be so corrupted. This in-depth look at serial killers attempts to give us some kind of understanding on how such wickedness could ever exist. This is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, curious for more. (I think I’m too scared to listen to this myself, but I’m sure others would enjoy.)

Happy Harvest Horror Show

Happy Harvest Horror Show” is a new podcast that just began this past August, examining themes of Halloween including pop culture and the media as well as ancient traditions and historic rituals. This is a very fun and laughable podcast with just the right amount of spook. Topics include superstitions, growing up Catholic, the Pagan influence, the epic pumpkin spice latte, and more. A perfect podcast for all Halloween enthusiasts.

What Magic is This?

“What Magic is This?” examines all things esoteric and magical — necromancy, chaos magic, spells, ancient Greek magic, ancient Egyptian magic, the 4th dimension, and more. It also takes a look a big concepts that humanity has questioned since the beginning of time, such as consciousness, dreaming, meditation, materialism, imagination, synchronicity, symbols, new thought, The Devil, and more. You can count on new episodes almost every week or so. Great for curious minds who aren’t afraid to seek truth.


7 thoughts on “15 Podcasts to Listen to This Halloween

  1. I’d add Coast to Coast AM’s famous Halloween broadcasts, which were called Ghost to Ghost AM. You can find them as podcasts or on Youtube. Coast to Coast was a midnight-to-3am national radio show and Art was known for interviewing UFOlogists, paranormal types, conspiracy theorists, legit scientists like Michio Kaku and Seth Shostak, exorcists, and regular callers who had crazy stories to share.

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