Songs for Yule (Winter Solstice)

Happy Yule!

“Yule” also known as “winter solstice” marks the beginning of not only the first day of winter, but the first day of the year. Yule can be celebrated from the 21st of December through January 1st (in the northern hemisphere.)

Midsummer marks the point of equal lightness and darkness, right before the darkness takes over. The autumn equinox marks the point at which darkness takes over. The past several weeks / couple months have been the darkest time of the year. And today, the light is finally beginning to gain strength and come back to us. Although darkness will still prevail until spring, we know that the light is on its way. And so the sun is reborn. After dying through autumn, the sun has come back to us as a newborn child.

It has been a struggle, dealing with so much literal/physical darkness. The days have taken longer to start and seemed to end too soon. It’s as if time had been snatched from us, giving us shorter days. Many of us wake up for work and face the commute in total darkness, leaving work as the sun has already set. A lack of sunlight is scientifically proven to cause depression — SAD (seasonal affective disorder.) Forced to stay inside, we’ve been more sluggish, not getting enough endorphins that exercise brings.

And spiritually speaking, we have all been in a darker place. This year specifically, COVID rates have reached an ultimate peak, far worse than the initial hit last spring. It seemed to be getting better through the summer as rates were going down, and then with the disappearance of sunlight, the virus struck back ten times worse than before.

Every year, we go through this phase of darkness — not just externally, but also internally. Halloween brings our skeletons out of the closet and has us confronting our inner demons. We come face to face with fear. Being forced to slow down, we are no longer able to distract ourselves. Autumn is the time of year when you cannot hide from your thoughts.

And now all of that is ending. Each morning brings us more light, more joy, more time. Things will get better, positivity will grow. Although the light is weak, it is coming back with full force. It’s a miracle that the sun has not abandoned us. He left, but now he is coming back as new life.

Songs for Yule:

Winter Playlist:

Also check out my Winter Playlist to embrace the new season!

Send me any songs you have about Yule or wintertime!


6 thoughts on “Songs for Yule (Winter Solstice)

  1. I really don’t enjoy the days being shorter and darker, so very excited that from here on out they will be getting a bit lighter each day. I haven’t heard most the songs on your playlist so will definitely be checking them out!

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