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I recently signed up for Thrive Market, which I have been debating joining for a while now. The site offers an extensive amount of healthy foods — organic, non-GMO, dairy-alternatives, keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and other special diets. Their foods (and products) are ethically and sustainably sourced, their packaging is recyclable, and their warehouse is zero-waste. You can trust their ingredients to be healthy and good for you.

I was hesitant to sign up after seeing there was a membership fee ($5/month) along with the price of everything you buy. But thinking it over and doing some research, I felt like this was a fair deal. Many of their products are hard to find elsewhere, and you really do get a cheaper price, plus free shipping when you spend over a certain amount. The boxes are completely customizable, and you can order as frequently as you like!

I have always found health foods to be very exciting. My mom was always against “organic” and “non-GMO” and other health food trends because she thought it was a scam. And while I agree that sometimes you get overcharged, I think if you can find a lower/reasonable price then it’s totally worth it. I find “alternative ingredients” to be fun and interesting, and I am always curious about giving them a try!

This is my first box! Let’s see what’s inside…

Organic butter-flavored coconut oil and Himalayan salt popcorn, cauliflower sea salt stalks, and dragon fruit chips.

Cinnamon & maple instant flapjacks — I’ve had these before and I love them! You make them by adding boiling water, or adding tap water and microwaving. They’re supposed to be pancakes, but I like to add a little extra water and turn it into a thick oatmeal, I just find it easier to eat that way. They have a lot of protein.

Collagen protein instant oats, which I’ve never tried. Collagen is not vegan. As a vegetarian, I’m okay with consuming collagen because it’s not meat, but this is a grey area you might want to think about if you are vegetarian.

And then oat blueberry lemon bars, and beet crackers!

Brown rice fettuccine — now I don’t have a gluten allergy but I thought it would be interesting compared to the “normal” pasta I’m used to. I’ve had rice pasta before and I like the texture of it.

Mac and cheese, duh!!! I’m trying the daiya dairy-free version just to see what it’s like. I love dairy but I do think it’s good to limit and I’m very curious of how this will taste.

Banza is a chickpea-based pasta company! Their pasta offers much more protein. They also make Banza mac & cheese which I will definitely be trying. (I presumptuously ordered their mac & cheese right before realizing it was on Thrive market… which still hasn’t arrived…)

Shambazon amazon energy drink — aΓ§aΓ­ berry passion fruit flavored. This is a sparkling drink with green tea extract. I didn’t realize how much sugar it has so I probably won’t be buying this again but going to enjoy this for now!

No dairy garlic Alfredo sauce… cashew butter and avocado oil based! OMG! Years ago I made this recipe myself and it was SO TASTY!!! So I’ve been trying to find a cashew-based Alfredo sauce ever since, and I finally found it! I love Alfredo, but I find this sauce to be so much tastier. The only other place I could find this was Primal Kitchen, which charges you more, plus like $20 shipping! So I am super excited about this.

Stevia sweet drops, vanilla creme. I love stevia, it’s a zero-calorie sweetener that doesn’t have that “artificial” taste because it’s 100% natural — it’s a PLANT!

These were my two free gifts — avocado oil and ranch dressing. I’m pumped about the avocado oil which I’ve wanted to try forever but could never bring myself to buy because of the expense. As for the ranch, I don’t like salad dressing, so if you know me IRL and want some free ranch dressing, let me know!!!

Of course, I couldn’t forget about the kitties! I got them holistic wet cat food — “I and love and you” — which I don’t have at my grocery store. It’s completely grain-free with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. The three different cans are chicken, salmon, and tuna. And they all have gravy (nearly impossible to get my cats to eat wet food without any gravy in it.)

Luna’s favorite part was the packaging — can you see her?!

Update: Venus loves it too!

During this pandemic, having your groceries delivered is the smartest and safest way to go.

There are SO MANY other foods to pick, from a whole range of dietary needs, as well as cleaning supplies, bath and beauty products, wine, supplements, babies, pets, and more!

Click here to sign up for Thrive Market — through this link I will receive a referral reward which I thank you kindly for!


25 thoughts on “THRIVE MARKET HAUL

  1. This is a pretty big subscription box! I can totally see the appeal of wanting healthier alternatives to your favourite snacks that are organic and non-GMO. Your haul is pretty impressive 😊

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