Surviving Lyme Disease

It was the scariest health crisis I’ve ever had, and I’m still left frightened over the longterm outcome. The disease must have crept up on me, covertly and sneakily, without any of my conscious awareness — because I did not see it until Stage 3, when the bacteria had already attacked my joints to theContinue reading “Surviving Lyme Disease”

Product Review: Kelp Jerky (akua)

I tried kelp jerky for the first time — this is a vegan jerky that is made with kelp and shiitake mushrooms. The flavor I tried was “Rosemary & Maple BBQ”. I’m always pushing myself to try new foods and snacks, as someone who grew up a picky eater. My mom always said that tastebudsContinue reading “Product Review: Kelp Jerky (akua)”

Science (and Politics) of Imagination | Pineal gland, DMT, and brain health

Do you remember when you were a child with an overactive imagination? You saw the world through a lens of curiosity and magic. Nothing was as it seemed. You and your friends played games in which you had different names and identities; maybe you were cats and dogs crawling around the kitchen, maybe you wereContinue reading “Science (and Politics) of Imagination | Pineal gland, DMT, and brain health”

Herbalism for mental health

There’s a pictographic floating around Instagram, originally done by @animamundiherbals, which a lot of people have been re-uploading. I wanted to share this too, and explain in more depth what these medicines mean. *Herbalism is not limited to herbs, but includes flowers, mushrooms, spices, and plant matter.* Anxiety disorders (OCD, PTSD, social anxiety) Let’s startContinue reading “Herbalism for mental health”

Making space for your moon time (in the modern world)

Those who menstruate — In ancient times, for many societies, it was common practice for a woman to spend her bleeding time (or “her period”) cast away from the world in seclusion. This was not meant to be a punishment. This was the ancient way of honoring woman. There were valid physical reasons for thisContinue reading “Making space for your moon time (in the modern world)”

Product review: Laura’s Mercantile (CBD)

Laura’s Mercantile (Homestead Alternatives) is my favorite go-to for CBD products! Why use CBD products? CBD comes from the hemp plant. It has a vast amount of health benefits — anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-nausea, and also helps with mood disorders. It has a sedative effect that helps with pain relief too. CBD products willContinue reading “Product review: Laura’s Mercantile (CBD)”

Herbalism | The Magic of “Smart Mushrooms”

Mushrooms are not just for culinary use, or toxic poisoning, or aesthetically pleasing scenery. They have the power to heal your brain and your body. In this post, I’ll be discussing the top mushrooms for healing purposes, also known as “smart mushrooms.” To reap full benefits, you may not want to cook these mushrooms, asContinue reading “Herbalism | The Magic of “Smart Mushrooms””

Herbalism | Dandelion (Lion’s Tooth)

Dandelion, which is also known as “lion’s tooth” (scientific name: Taraxacum officinale) comes with numerous health benefits! It has also been associated with many magical folktales. Health benefits Dandelions are plentiful and tend to be considered invasive weeds with no purpose. However, dandelions have numerous health benefits that most of us are unaware of! TheseContinue reading “Herbalism | Dandelion (Lion’s Tooth)”

A daily dose of body positivity

Disclaimer: This is intended to be a positive post about body image in which I speak of my own experiences. But if you are sensitive to body issues or lean towards obsessive body thoughts, I would please not read this, as it may be unintentionally triggering for some. Both men and women struggle with bodyContinue reading “A daily dose of body positivity”

I tried OLIPOP sparkling tonic

OLIPOP Sparkling Tonic is a bubbly beverage designed as a healthy replacement for soda. I decided to go ahead and give this drink a try. I ordered the full pack which included six different flavors. Overall, I seriously enjoy this drink. It’s very healthy — about 30-40 calories per can and several grams of fiber.Continue reading “I tried OLIPOP sparkling tonic”