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Crystal Aura Update

Hi everyone!

My astrology/tarot blog (Crystal Aura) has some exciting new updates!

I am going to be publishing personalized monthly horoscopes now! These are twelve different forecasts intended for your own specific zodiac sign! Along with this, I will continue posting generalized weekly horoscopes.

Plus, I am also going to be publishing mini personalized monthly horoscopes for your pet! They will mainly apply to cats and dogs, but can also fit with any other pet you have — rodents, reptiles, birds, livestock, etc. These are just fun and quick little tidbits for all you animal lovers out there!

I am currently enrolled in an online astrology forecasting class! It has been so helpful, and I have learned so much!

In the future, I may write personalized weekly horoscopes, but I am just sticking with the monthly for now. I do want to put out more typed-out tarot readings, which I may do either monthly or weekly. There is definitely a lot more stuff on its way!

Please check out Crystal Aura and go follow if that type of thing interests you! Be sure to check out my personalized monthly tarot videos (which I’m also continuing to post) and my Etsy store for specific & detailed readings!

*For legal purposes, astrology and tarot is only intended for entertainment. Please do not replace it with orders from doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, etc.*

Thank you & blessings!!!


10 thoughts on “Crystal Aura Update

    1. Hehe thank you! It’s like a condensed version of personal monthly scopes but from the perspective of a pet! If only I could literally read my cat’s mind though… She’s probably just judging me 😹💜

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