Happy Ostara! (Spring Equinox)

Ostara marks the first day of spring! Ostara, or Eostre, is the Germanic goddess of fertility. It is the day when lightness and darkness are equal, and from here forward, lightness is taking over. The days will continue to get longer, warmer, and brighter. Nature comes alive again — flowers growing and trees turning green.

The world was reborn on winter solstice, as darkness was still prevalent, but the dying light began regaining its strength. A seed was planted — and now, we finally see that seed beginning to sprout.


  • Rabbits

Rabbits, hares, and other similar rodent-species are strongly associated with Ostara because of their incredibly high fertility rates. Rabbits can have up to 12 babies per litter, and can even conceive while pregnant or immediately after giving birth. Alongside, the hare is associated with goddess Ostara.

  • Eggs

Eggs are associated with fertility for very obvious reasons! Mammals need eggs to get pregnant, and birds (and fish, reptiles, insects, etc.) give birth by laying an egg.

  • Pastel colors

Unlike heavy colors around autumn-time, such as red, green, gold, Ostara is very light-hearted and centers around babies and children. Pink, baby blue, light purple, and other pastels go with Ostara.

  • Rose quartz

Any pastel-colored stone or crystal goes with Ostara, but rose quartz especially stands out, because it represents love and affection.

How to celebrate

Ostara is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with young children, if you are surrounded by any. It’s the perfect time to take them out in nature and teach them about the changing of the seasons. Play games with them, whether it’s an egg-hunt or a card game.

Or, rather than children, you can celebrate with baby animals! If you have been looking to adopt, then this is a great time to adopt a new pet into your family. Of course you do not want to do this on impulse — only if it’s something you’re prepared for in the long-run. Otherwise, you can always visit a zoo, kennel, nature preserve, pet store, etc.

When it comes to eating and cooking, any type of meal with eggs is perfect. You can also incorporate dairy, especially milk, which represents a nursing mother. And leafy greens are good, as a way of honoring rabbits/rodents.

  • Decorating/painting eggs
  • Egg-hunt
  • Planting and gardening
  • Nature walk

Inner work

After a long period of hibernation, we are slowly stepping out of our comfort zones and back into the natural world. Energy levels are increasing and we are becoming more social. Before you fully put yourself out there, it’s important to take baby steps and proceed with caution.

This is the time to reconnect with your inner child. You can do this in many ways — by reengaging with anything that reminds you of your childhood or makes you feel youthful, by writing a letter to your child-self, by meditating and visualizing yourself with a child’s energy, or any other method you can think of.

You also want to work on healing past childhood wounds and traumas. Following along a guided meditation or hypnotherapy session that specializes in this area can bring great benefit.

Gods & Goddesses

  • Ostara (Eostre) — Surprisingly, there is little known about this famous goddess who has this holiday named after her. We know she is connected to spring and fertility, and not much else. Unlike other more versatile goddesses, Ostara is the perfect one to call on for this specific holiday.
  • Isis of Egyptian mythology is known as the mother goddess who assists with conception, pregnancy, birthing, and parenting.
  • Osiris, husband of Isis, is known for his resurrection myth — murdered by jealous brother Set, and coming back to life after Isis finds the pieces of his body and puts them back together. This correlates with the resurrection of the natural world.
  • Freya, Norse goddess is associated with motherhood and fertility.
  • Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  • Adonis, Greek god of love and desire.
  • Parvati, Hindu goddess, ultimate mother and wife.
  • Many more — any deity connected to fertility, pregnancy, birth, youth, nature, and rebirth.


Any type of prayer on any day is good. But for Ostara specifically, you may want to lean on these ideas…

  • Gratefulness for the return of spring, how happy you are to feel the warmth again, no longer dealing with the harsh cold.
  • Praying for the safe return of nature, that the leaves and flowers will grow lusciously, that the young animals will have many successful litters.
  • Praying for your fertility if you hope to get pregnant in the distant or near future, resolve from any fertility issues you may be dealing with.
  • Praying for safe births, healthy pregnancies, and happy young children all over the world.
  • Call upon one (or many) of the gods of goddesses.

Happy Ostara! Blessed be!


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