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My home tour — update!

So I made a few changes since my first “home tour” I showed. Just small changes! Keep in mind that I’m still focused on minimalism and keeping everything spacious.

I moved my tv and couch back into the living room area. Before, it was in my bedroom. This area felt like wasted space and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Also, this way I can watch tv while I eat or cook. Over the winter I got used to eating in my room, but now bug season is back and I’m not taking any chances. No food in the bedroom year round.

My kitchen is almost the same. I have so much tea now, that I keep it all on a cart.

You can’t have enough tea!

The cats have a *slow feeder* bowl for dry food so they have to work a bit harder rather than stuffing it all down too quickly. It helps combat bloating and boredom!

I love this poster I got for my kitchen!

The rest of the living area is still spacious for workouts, hula hooping, and playing with the cats! And the cactus is going strong!

To the right is the cat tree, the cat water fountain, and a cat sense toy. All sprinkled in catnip. Did you know that catnip is also a bug repellant?

My record player and boom box to the right.

This was part of a package as a Christmas gift from my sis. It’s a candle, saw palmetto, and “feed the soul” cards that all have some sort of advice or task to focus on in order to practice self-care. The one on my instagram says “no complaining” and this one here says “real food.” The other cards include “unplug,” “volunteer work,” and so on.

The little hallway is basically the same, except I added the Apache blessing.

A closer look.

And now it’s time for my bedroom, which I am most proud of! I wanted to go for a darker look and make it more gothic. Although the stuffed animals (you’ll see at the end) maybe kinda ruin that. But I’m going for minimalist gothic. I got myself another black bookshelf, along with black storage boxes, and a black fuzzy carpet. I would like to add more wall art though.

New lights!

My closet is messy and I have a lot of clothes I want to get rid of.

I love this poster for my bathroom! It’s right next to the toilet, hahaha.

My “office/meditation room” needs more work. It hasn’t really changed too much. I want to give that room a very natural feel and decorate it more.

I absolutely love these cactus and mushroom scratching posts. And the cats love them too!

That’s all for now! I like having as few items as necessary, because I believe energy attaches to objects. And from a psychological perspective, looking at certain things can trigger a lot of memories and keep you stuck. Plus, just having so much clutter makes my brain feel cluttered. It’s been over a year now since I’ve lived here and I actually worry that I’ve accumulated too much, and there’s so many things I’d like to get rid of this summer, like a lot of clothing. Maybe I’ll feel different when I’m living in a house, or when my living situation is more stable, but as of now this is my temporary home.

I have moved so many times, not just these past several years, but even in college I was always in a different dorm or different apartment, once a year or sometimes twice a year. All of that moving around made me realize how much junk we hold onto for no reason. I’m still proud to say I moved into my current place without anybody’s help (it was right when lockdown began…) I don’t know where I’ll be next, but I do feel a lot cozier and homier here than I did over a year ago.

Personally right now I want my home to look somewhat lived-in and comfortable, but also keep a sense of detachment. Living alone is fantastic, but honestly I hope it’s not like this forever. I am making the best of my situation, although I really cannot wait for the next phase of my life. I just know that it’s something that will have to happen naturally, because the more I try to control things, the worse I end up feeling. I could be here another year, I could be here for many, many more years, I just don’t know. I’m detached enough so that I can accept whatever comes next, while I’m also settled enough so that I’m not rushing for the sake of rushing. I trust in the future and what’s meant to be.


10 thoughts on “My home tour — update!

  1. Those mushroom and cactus cat posts are awesome! I love the Apache blessing! My husband and I used it in our wedding vows 💜 I don’t think I can attach a photo through comments… I’ll message you a drawing I did 🙂

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