Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing

This past week, I have read some powerfully inspiring books!

“The Wonder of Unicorns” by Diana Cooper explains the spiritual significance of unicorns, and how they can practically assist you in your daily life. The book describes the majestic purity, magic, and healing powers of unicorns. It is filled with exercises and meditations to harness this mythical creature.

Diana reminds me the power of my imagination and the channeling abilities that all of us can easily tap into. I learned that we all have personal unicorns beside us in the higher realm, like guardian angels. And I have learned that my personal unicorn is named “Freedance,” and I can imagine her with me wherever I go — when I need the courage to complete daunting tasks, or when I need the motivation to perform mundane chores.

Unicorns are genderless, equally masculine and feminine, but may manifest themselves as either male or female form. Two unicorns can join one another energetically and become one, to create a unicorn baby! There is a whole unicorn hierarchy, with the more highly evolved king and queen unicorns, and then ultimately the top evolved pegasus. Unicorns work with angels, archangels, fairies, dragons, and other mythical creatures and light bringers to bring blessings. They have no free will, and work straight from the divine orders of Source.

It is said that unicorns once roamed on the material plane with humans, during the supposed Atlantis era, and even as recently as a couple thousand years ago. Multiple Emperors, Confucius, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar all have proposed accounts of witnessing a unicorn. Alongside, the King James Version of the Bible translates with the word “unicorn” appearing seven times. It is possible that they became extinct after mass hunting for their incredible healing abilities, most notably their impressive horns.

Unicorns can be felt beyond the material plane through imagination, visualization, meditation, hypnosis, and prayer. Most notably, they strongly capture the fascination of most children. There is such an innocent purity to them that many kids can relate to.

I recently bought myself this book because I found unicorn symbolism coming into my life at a very high rate. It seemed that everywhere I turned, I was looking at unicorn art or being shown unicorns. I began to read this book in hopes that I could find an explanation as to why this energy was rushing into my life so suddenly, and now I really see why. After starting to read this, I hoped in my mind to see horses — that following weekend I took my mom on a nature walk and we actually saw several horses! It was an exciting synchronicity!

“Egyptian Energy Healing” by Shelley Kaehr is based on Edgar Cayce’s teachings.

Edgar Cayce lived from the late 1800s until the early 1900s. He is known for channeling messages and working with clients to help them uncover past lives, messages from the higher self, and to induce healing. The story of his death is interesting — he began conducting so many energy readings that his higher self told him he must slow down or else he would die. He pushed forward, and conducted an insane amount of readings in a very short timespan, eventually to finally surrender to a much-needed break. Him and his wife took a retreat, knowing that his rest would either result in recovery or death. He peacefully passed away in his 60s, his wife shortly following afterwards.

Anyway, the book is not necessarily about him, but heavily influenced by him, including many quoted prayers. The first half, Shelley Kaehr focuses on energy healing itself. This includes the use of colors, stones and crystals, music, and dance. However, energy healing mainly comes down to the mind — intent, focus, visualization, guided meditation, and affirmations or prayers.

The author also describes tuning into spiritual assistance — through Jesus, Mother Mary, archangels, and spirit guides. There is a step-by-step guide for self-healing, client healing, group healings, and distance healing, all on the energetic level. She also stresses the importance of consent — that healings should only be performed on those who ask for it.

Going forward, there is a specific focus on Egyptian energy healing. This technique uses the tool of symbols — lamp of light (illumination), beetle (the world), cockerel (birth), serpent (mind), hawk (wisdom), cross/ankh (life), gate/door (ascension), and way (source). Visualizations are focused on each symbol, in that order, as their hieroglyphic, traveling through the chakras.

This was a fascinating book and I would very much like to work with these hieroglyphic symbols in the future. There are many useful guided meditations that I plan on doing — I may record them beforehand so that way afterwards I can close my eyes and relax and fully dive into it! What I have learned most, is that while tools such as colors, light, sound, and gemstones can provide great healing ability, what matters most is the power of your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! Moving forward I am hoping to get through at least one book a week and share what I’ve learned. I would like to include fiction/novels too, but I am a much faster reader when it comes to nonfiction.


6 thoughts on “Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing

  1. Wow, those both sound cool! The book on unicorns is especially interesting to me since I tried very hard to summon a unicorn as a child, and settled for generating one as an imaginary friend. When I was sick, I would imagine her using the power of her horn to heal me. It did seem to help at times!

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