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Primeval Pixie ~ NEW BLOG NAME!

I first opened up this blog in 2016 as “Lotus Laura” (lotuslaura94!) Since then, it’s been a great run. I stuck with the name because I know that changing blog names can be confusing for everyone else!

Lots of things have changed since 2016. When I first began this blog, it was more about keeping in touch with family and occasional vents. Including my name made sense because it was a very personal space.

Since then, while I still use my blog for those purposes, I also use it for so much more. I never expected to gain so many followers and viewers, it was something I always hoped for but quickly gave up on — and then it happened! I’m pleasantly shocked over how successful blogging has been for me. While it may not be a full time job, may not really bring in any money at all (one can dream that someday it will), I’m still flabbergasted at how far I have come!

I still hope to share that intimate side of myself, but this blog is not supposed to be 100% about me. It’s about you. It’s about the people who support me and engage in my content. Occasional vents and personal updates will remain, however, my priority is teaching, assisting, guiding, creating a universal atmosphere that makes my viewers feel like partakers rather than solely observers.

And so — I want to remove my first name from the title.

Alongside, I’m not here to be the same “Laura” I am forced to be in real life, who has an exhausting day job, who has a long list of personal tragedies and heartbreaks. This place is my escape. The internet is supposed to be a place a freedom, where you can be whoever you want to be. And so, I choose to be a primeval pixie.

Primeval symbolizes the earliest ages in history. I am passionate about ancient history — most notably ancient societies such as Egypt, Roman, and Greek. In this world, I come from the dawn of time. I’m here to inform the modern world of ancient beliefs and practices.

Pixie is a mythological creature that comes from British folklore but is also connected to other regions and cultures, very similar to fairies. Mythology is a huge part of this blog. It also brings a spark of magic.

This is my way of wiping the slate clean and embracing great change. I am in a new chapter of my life. I am going to write without filter or hesitation. I am going to be posting about topics that I have previously shied away from.

The lotus flower will remain as deep significance in my writing and my heart!

I am keeping my lotuslaura URL for now, which will be redirected to this new one.

New email:


2 thoughts on “Primeval Pixie ~ NEW BLOG NAME!

  1. Sometimes we all have to realign ourselves and our creations. ✨ The stars approve of your new direction, the world will require the ancient wisdom very soon. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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