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I published my second book — “Forbidden Knowledge” available NOW!

I am thrilled to announce that I have published my second book! Forbidden Knowledge is a 239-page novel with 23 chapters. It is self-published through Amazon and available as both paperback and ebook!


The story begins with Alice, an only child of strictly religious parents. Alice was raised in a castle home, extremely sheltered from the world — homeschooled, with no access to internet, TV, or a phone. Alice’s only interaction with the outside world is Sunday service at church.

On her sixteenth birthday, Alice begs her parents to let her have a job — and so, she begins working at The Golden Library. And along comes Quade Zellow, or “Q.Z.,” who she meets at work. Over the years, the two of them develop a strong connection.

One night, while driving home from work, Q.Z. is kidnapped. He wakes up tied to a chair, surrounded by a group of strange figures dressed in black cloaks — including Alice’s mother, Elizabeth! It turns out, behind the church, is a secret society of aliens — nicknamed “Red Ones,” who are part of a worldwide, evil conspiracy.

The “Red Ones” are an alien breed who secretly live among the humans, preying on them for the psychic energy of their blood. Alice has high quality, golden blood — and Elizabeth has made a pact with the leader to sacrifice her daughter once she reaches full maturity in her late twenties.

Q.Z. is their greatest threat — because he may be the only one who can save Alice from her creul destiny. Elizabeth makes it her mission to psychologically torture him until he completely loses his mind. But Q.Z. will do whatever it takes.

My first published book was “The Captain & The Mermaid” in July 2021 — this is a completely different storyline, although the writing process was quite similar. Just like my first book, I developed this story originally through my blog. In mid 2019, I posted my first chapter for “Forbidden Knowledge,” and over the course of a year or so, posted a total of ten short chapters. Shortly after publishing “C&M,” I knew for sure that the same way I brought that story to life, I also wanted to bring this story to life.

While both stories involve a heavy component of mystery, occult, and romance, they are incredibly different. “C&M” is playful, silly, and focused on freedom and exploration. Meanwhile, “Forbidden Knowledge” is much more dark. The female lead characters from both books are extremely opposite. Fuchsia (from C&M) was written to be very confident, performative, and flirty. Alice is much different, in that she is extremely submissive, meek, and socially anxious.

I was very excited to take main characters Alice and Q.Z. and bring them to life, giving them stronger background stories and personality traits and mannerisms. When you write about characters, you become quite attached to them, just as you do with certain movie/TV characters. I wrote this story in third-person so that it would be easier to see the plot from all different angles — from a group of vastly wide perspectives. It was fun to write from places of the shy and innocent girl, the cocky yet skeptical boy, the evil and psychotic mother, and so forth.

Overall, this book was so much fun to write. It was incredibly satisfying to read the entire story all see everything come together. Book-writing is a rush for me and definitely something I plan on continuing with for the rest of my life! For now, I can’t really picture a sequel to either of these novels — but never say never. Immediately after publishing “C&M,” I knew right away that I wanted my next novel to be this one. As for where I am going from here… I am really not sure to be honest! But I think that’s a good thing — totally need a breather after publishing two novels within one year. Yet again, it’s so truly enjoyable for me that it doesn’t feel like “work.” It is an absolute privilege to live in a day and age that makes self-publishing so simple and accessible.

Please consider buying “Forbidden Knowledge” TODAY and support independent authors! It would mean the absolute world to me! For the price of a cup of coffee, at $2.99 you can buy the ebook! And if you are feeling more generous, you can buy the paperback for $14.99!

(Currently available as ebook, will be available as paperback shortly!)


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