Book review: “Verity” by Colleen Hoover | A thrilling, fiery, suspenseful novel

Genre: Fiction / thriller “Verity” is a novel about a writer named Lowen, who is living in NYC, struggling to pay her rent after taking care of her dying mother who just recently passed away. Leaving her apartment for the first time since her mother’s passing, she is caught at a scene in which someoneContinue reading “Book review: “Verity” by Colleen Hoover | A thrilling, fiery, suspenseful novel”

Ask a Cat Mom: “Why does my cat chew on wires?”

Q: “Is it normal for my cat to chew on inedible things like wires, cords, and blenders? No seriously he chewed up my Vitamix and I can’t use it anymore. What does this mean? Why does he chew on stuff that shouldn’t be enticing to a cat? Even worse, I can’t get him to stopContinue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “Why does my cat chew on wires?””

Astrology | Gemini Season (May 21 – June 20)

May 21-June 20, the theme of your life is Gemini energy.  Overall Gemini energy Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac; as the cycle begins with Aries (which focuses on the self), moving onto Taurus (which focuses on outside of the self), following that comes Gemini which incorporates the blend between the two. TheContinue reading “Astrology | Gemini Season (May 21 – June 20)”

Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 2)

After the wedding on Saturday, the following day a bunch of us took a three-hour bus ride to Punta Cana. We stayed at a resort until Wednesday. The whole place was such a dream! It was warm weather but a little cooler than Santo Domingo, palm trees everywhere, pale sand, and crystal-blue water. There wasContinue reading “Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 2)”

Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 1)

Congratulations to Scott and Mariel! My brother Scott just got married to Mariel, who grew up in the DR, and with her parents currently living there, wanted to have the wedding abroad. It was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I flew over on Thursday with my dad and sister. The airport process was fairlyContinue reading “Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 1)”

What are your questions about cats?

Please tell me any questions you have about cats! Maybe you are thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, or you are a newbie when it comes to cat parenting… Or maybe you have had cats for many, many years, but there’s a few things that you’re unsure of or curious about… QuestionsContinue reading “What are your questions about cats?”

Dream divination | meanings and interpretations

Dreams are very mysterious, and no one has quite figured out for sure why we have them. It has been said that dreams can provide insight on hidden messages. Here are some interpretations of common dreams… Importance of dream recall We all have many, many dreams every single night. Just because you don’t remember, doesn’tContinue reading “Dream divination | meanings and interpretations”

Product Review: Kelp Jerky (akua)

I tried kelp jerky for the first time — this is a vegan jerky that is made with kelp and shiitake mushrooms. The flavor I tried was “Rosemary & Maple BBQ”. I’m always pushing myself to try new foods and snacks, as someone who grew up a picky eater. My mom always said that tastebudsContinue reading “Product Review: Kelp Jerky (akua)”

Games to play with your cat

Playing with your cat is so important! Just like us, cats get bored and restless, and require active stimulation. And there is no age limit — take humans for example, we still need entertainment to keep us satisfied regardless of age, it’s not something that you ever outgrow. Reasons to play with your cat: ItContinue reading “Games to play with your cat”