Astrology | Gemini Season (May 21 – June 20)

May 21-June 20, the theme of your life is Gemini energy. 

Overall Gemini energy

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac; as the cycle begins with Aries (which focuses on the self), moving onto Taurus (which focuses on outside of the self), following that comes Gemini which incorporates the blend between the two. The number three represents the mother, father, and child. It is the product of the blend between internal and external. 

Gemini is ruled by the third house, which represents communication, peers, nearby travel, and primary education. It draws attention to childhood and lessons learned during school years, relationships with siblings, co-workers, and neighbors, and short-term goals.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of learning, speaking, listening, Gemini is the ultimate sign of communication. Those born under this zodiac excel in this department, while Gemini season itself brings an added boost to further understanding one another accurately. Even in the midst of Mercury retrograde, Gemini season is here to clear up misunderstandings and allow messages to come through with ease. 

As an air sign, Gemini is cool and detached. Rather than becoming swallowed in emotions, Gemini allows oneself to step back and view a situation from a rational, uninvolved perspective. Gemini encourages decisions to be made through intelligent, logical thought. However, due to the ability to see both sides of the story, air signs are notoriously indecisive, at times incapable of committing to a single focus. This is scattered energy that urges to experience a little bit of everything. 

Being a mutable sign, Gemini is very much go-with-the-flow. Compared to “take action-Aries” or “my way or the highway-Taurus,” Gemini is simply here along for the ride. Gemini season is an ideal time for wrapping up projects that were not realistic to begin with, for cutting ties without any resentment or bad blood, for shrugging your shoulders and saying “it is what is.”

Symbolized as “the twins,” Gemini is one of the few signs that is not represented as an animal. This emphasizes their higher intelligence (and superiority, perhaps!?) Gemini is the sign of duality — intelligent thought verses childlike imagination, seriousness verses seeing everything as a joke, sharp vision verses the inability to focus. Geminis themselves are very simple people, yet impossible to figure out. Gemini is a contradiction, a mind-twist, a trip. Surely, this season will keep you on your toes. 

How Gemini season affects you personally:

Check your zodiac sign (sun and rising):

  • Aries: Heavy and intense communication, social gatherings, exploring local areas.
  • Taurus: Prosperous time, focused on your resources, money, and partnership.
  • Gemini: Brand new chapter for you! Self-love, self-care, and self-awareness.
  • Cancer: A quiet time of rest and reflection. There could be some sharing of secrets.
  • Leo: Spending time with friends or close community, dreaming about the future.
  • Virgo: Gaining attention from others, placing focus on your job and career pursuits.
  • Libra: Learning something new, making strides towards long-term goals, possibly traveling far away.
  • Scorpio: Exploring the taboo and diving into mystery, a surge of power, possible sex-life boost.
  • Sagittarius: Spending quality time with your partner / bestie, or connecting with your shadow-self.
  • Capricorn: Drawing attention on routine and habits, prioritizing your health.
  • Aquarius: Getting in touch with your silly side, possibly spending time with children, creative bursts.
  • Pisces: Stabilizing your emotions, spending more time at home and with family.

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