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What are your questions about cats?

Please tell me any questions you have about cats!

Maybe you are thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, or you are a newbie when it comes to cat parenting…

Or maybe you have had cats for many, many years, but there’s a few things that you’re unsure of or curious about…

Questions can range anything from caretaking to history or biology! I am happy to answer any type of cat question!

Please leave a comment with any cat question(s) you may have! (Or you can email me directly at ). I will answer them in upcoming “Ask a Cat Mom” blog posts. I will give credit and link back to your blog for your questions! And if you prefer to keep it anonymous, then that’s fine too.

Some previous questions:

Thanks, and can’t wait to hear from you 🙂


6 thoughts on “What are your questions about cats?

  1. Is it normal for my cat to chew on inedible things like wires, cords, and blenders? No seriously he chewed up my Vitamix and I can’t use it anymore. What does this mean? Why does he chew on stuff that shouldn’t be enticing to a cat? Even worse, I can’t get him to stop this terrible habit!

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    1. Is the cat a kitten? My little guy used to do that a lot when he was teething, and the only surefire solution was to physically block his access to wires. If he’s an adult, that’s a different thing and could require a vet visit to check that he’s okay and figure out why he’s doing it.

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      1. My cat is an adult cat. He’s 4 going on 5 years old. We adopted him from the shelter when he was 2 and he has always chewed on wires, cords, and rubber. He’s eaten earplugs too. How those are appetizing is beyond me. *sigh* I think he might have OCD but I’m not entirely sure.

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      2. Sounds like your cat may have pica, defined as “the consumption of non-edible materials” and “the urge to eat non-food items.”

        Here are some links:

        If it sounds familiar, that’s because some people suffer from the same disorder. There was a movie about it fairly recently as well. (“Swallow” starring Haley Bennett, released in 2019.)

        One suggestion is to give the cat more attention, toys, things to do, etc. Some experts think it’s linked to boredom.

        But in your shoes I’d definitely talk to the vet about it next time you bring your cat in, or if you’re worried about him hurting himself with the stuff he eats, bringing him in as soon as possible.

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      3. Wow, thank you for your recommendations and detailed reply. I tried giving my cat toys but he doesn’t seem very interested in them. It’s very possible that he might have Pica (I had Pica myself, so I know the struggle lol). At one point my cat was pre-diabetic so it wouldn’t surprise me if he could be deficient in something. 🤔

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