Personal updates

I made a podcast!

I made a podcast called “Ancient Mysteries and Mythologies” which is available through Anchor and Spotify. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!!

I thought it would be fun to voice-record my favorite and most popular blog posts. I never thought I would do this, but I thought, why not give it a try. People seem to gravitate more towards podcasts than blogs these days, so it might work out. But even if no one listens, it’s really cool to revisit old posts that I’m proud of and bring them to life in a new way.

I recently came across an old cassette tape that I recorded myself on, and I remembered how much of my childhood I enjoyed walking around the house with my tape recorder, pretending to be a news anchor or radio host. So this was an exciting process that just brought my childhood back to life.

The first episode is the re-telling of my “Cleopatra the Great” blog post. It’s my absolute favorite post, so I thought that would be perfect to start with.

Go ahead and check it out, if you’re interested!

P.S. Happy Flag Day!


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