Horoscope | Week of June 19, 2022

On Monday, Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter, which could trigger significant conversation around good fortune. Tuesday marks the beginning of Cancer season, which lasts for the next four weeks. This shifts the overall theme of our lives from outward communication to inward introspection — emotions, intuition, and also taking control of your desires. You may begin to feel more sensitive at this time, also more susceptible to moods and feelings of the people around you. Psychic powers are heightened. And you could also lean more towards introversion, spending more time at home or with family.

Midweek, Venus enters Gemini, and will stay here until July 14th. Venus transits sparkle joy and pleasure! This placement in Gemini triggers your love life or friendship circle to become more “scattered.” You may feel inspired to reach out to more friends and widen your circle, and those who are coupled up may seek novelty. You can significantly bond with classmates, coworkers, siblings, or neighbors during this three-week period. Make the most of it by traveling to local areas — explore your neighborhood, nearby towns, and museums.

The weekend will be a very quiet time for most, possibly uneventful for some. Take this period to breathe out, finish up projects, place final touches, and relax. Especially on Friday, your emotions will feel very balanced, and it’s unlikely for any drama or disputes to arise.

Tarotscope: Sunday is a highly intuitive day, great for divination or connecting to spirituality. On Monday, you could be feeling stuck or confused about a choice that needs to be made. Tuesday, it’s time to grow up as you’re being called to take the path of maturity. However, on Wednesday, you may be urging to hold onto a person, place, or thing that you are not yet ready to let go of. Thursday is full of emotional harmony; you could be connecting deeply with someone or focusing on something that brings deep satisfaction. On Friday, you’re persevering and fighting for something you feel very passionate about. And on Saturday, you are contemplating whether or not to accept a new responsibility or commitment.


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