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Horoscope | Week of Jun 26, 2022

This is going to be a very lucky week for many. You will be surprised at how quickly everything is moving along, yet keep in mind that this is only the beginning of many fortunate seeds being planted.

Coming into the new week, there is motivation to take action towards expansion and good fortune, as Mars is in sextile with Jupiter. Monday is a great day for putting work and energy into a project that brings you joy — you are sure to see quick results. With the moon in Gemini, communication is quick, breezy, and effortless.

The new moon in Cancer happens on Tuesday, the 28th. New moons bring a fresh start — take some time to isolate yourself in meditation, write down a list of dreams and goals, and pray for the possibilities. The moon is in conjunction with the sun, which only intensifies Cancerean energy even stronger. Both the sun and moon are squaring Jupiter, which is an excellent placement for bringing in even more growth — only if you are up for the challenge and willing to put in the work. Alongside, Venus is in sextile with Jupiter, which is incredibly harmonious. Overall, this is a significant day for striving towards your goals.

The moon remains in Cancer until it enters Leo on Friday. Express yourself and indulge in creative arts. On Saturday, Mercury trines Jupiter. Once again, more attention is being drawn towards this planet! You will likely be communicating with others about how far you have come, how much progress you have made over this past week, and how much fortune has come your way.

Numerology: The number of the week is “1” — New beginnings, new projects, a brand new chapter. Put the focus on yourself and nobody else!


  • Sunday (temperance reverse) could bring a lot of heavy and mixed emotions. You will find it hard to stay balanced, as you’re leaning towards extremism.
  • Monday (chariot) is a prosperous day for moving forward, making progress, and feeling in control of your destiny. Some of you could be traveling or making travel plans.
  • Tuesday (4 of swords reverse) brings a lot of restless thoughts and you may feel anxious to confess something — there could be some insomnia or difficulties falling asleep tonight.
  • Wednesday (8 of pentacles) is a fortunate day at your job, or with personal projects — you’re feeling dedicated and accomplished!
  • On Thursday (7 of swords reverse), a secret could be spilt or you may find out some interesting news.
  • Friday (4 of wands) is a very happy day full of celebration. Some of you are reuniting with someone or making exciting changes to your home.
  • And Saturday (tower reverse), you find yourself picking up the pieces and attempting to recover from a past mistake. There could be some shocking news, but this is also something that you have been hopefully expecting!

Check back to this post in another week and see how it all played out!


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