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Horoscope | Week of Jul 10, 2022

Full-moon weeks are fun, energetic, and exciting — as the full moon occurs this Wednesday. You will likely feel the effects a few days prior and afterwards. Take advantage of this stimulating energy, but make a point to slow down by next weekend as the moon wanes. Overall, this week places an emphasis on receiving luxury rewards from hard labor and mental persistence.

On Sunday, the moon enters Sagittarius, which makes us feel more adventurous and eager to move forward. Energy is gaining momentum as we are preparing for the full moon, midweek.

Tuesday and Wednesday are extra lucky and harmonious days, as Venus trines Saturn. This adds a dash of sweetness to your sense of boundaries and discipline. It brings a boost of satisfaction when it comes to working on your relationships. It feels good to make the effort.

Wednesday is a full moon in Capricorn. Full moons are the best times for socialization, extroversion, and tackling high-energy tasks. With the influence of Capricorn, there’s great focus on achievement and success. You may feel motivated to put in a little overtime at your job, extend more energy into personal projects, or show pride towards your role in society. Some of you may hear exciting news regarding your career or family circle — an authority figure or father-figure could be of significance around this time.

On Saturday, both the sun and Mercury are in quincunx with Saturn. You may have to make more of an effort in communication with others or else there could be a huge misunderstanding. Pay attention to your health, especially the chest and stomach on this day. As we begin our descent of the waning moon, take it easy and rest up.

Numerology: Number of the week is “8” — transformation, power, mysteries, and wealth play a theme.


  • SUN: (hermit reverse) After a period of solitude, you could find yourself breaking out of your shell.
  • MON: (6 of swords reverse) You could be returning to someone, or having a difficult time moving forward from something.
  • TUES: (5 of cups reverse) You’re finding closure and acceptance over what you’ve lost.
  • WED: (3 of wands) Something you’ve been waiting for is finally on its way.
  • THURS: (knight of cups) Lots of sweet, compassionate, and emotional communication is coming through.
  • FRI: (2 of cups) You’re seeing eye-to-eye with someone and really deepening your connection.
  • SAT: (ace of wands) There’s inspiration and thrill towards a new adventure ahead!


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