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Thrive market

Click here to receive 40% OFF your first order of Thrive market goods. Grocery shop online for all-natural and organic products at stellar discount prices. Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, keto, etc. there’s something here for your dietary needs.

Misfits market

Click here for $30 OFF (limited time) your first order of Misfit Market groceries. Shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, and so much more — all organic! Prices are super cheap due to harmless little quirks, like a misshaped apple.


Click here for $15 OFF your first order of OLLIPOP! Experience a new kind of soda without any of the negative health effects. These “sodas” are made with all-natural ingredients, relaxing herbal mixes, plus fiber and prebiotics for optimal digestive support.

Laura’s Mercantile CBD

Click here to order yourself the BEST CBD ever!!! CBD is helpful for pain management, arthritis, joint stiffness, mood balance, PMS, digestion, and so much more. Laura’s Mercantile only uses top quality, all-natural and organic ingredients.

Kitnip box subscription

Click here to sign up for the Kitnip monthly box subscription! Make your cat (or cats) very happy with monthly treats, toys, and goodies. They will LOVE you for it! There is no commitment with subscription and you can cancel anytime.

Ripple diffuser pens

Click here to receive $10 OFF your first order of Ripple diffuser pens. Made with herbal extracts, these pens contain ZERO nicotine, THC, CBD, or any harmful chemicals. This is great for those who are looking to quit smoking or simply want to experience the positive benefits of aromatherapy. 18+ only.


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