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Horoscope | Week of Jul 24, 2022

Sunday: You cannot ignore your emotions today, but awareness to your feelings can bring about something beautiful. A specific bond or relationship could be on your mind.

Monday: As the moon enters Cancer this afternoon, you could be feeling more sensitive and intuitive. Spend the evening at home with blankets and comfort food.

Tuesday: You may feel challenged today to speak up about something that you are passionate about. Use your words constructively.

Wednesday: There could be some frustration today — slow down and rest, be sure that you are getting enough sleep at this time. You may feel very torn between your head and your heart.

Thursday: Today is the new moon in Leo. Sit back, rest, and reflect; write a list of goals or wishes and plant those seeds. Get in touch with the person you truly are. Do some inner-child healing. A new cycle begins. Also on this day, Jupiter turns retrograde until late November. Overall, you would be wise to dedicate this day towards reflection in deep seclusion.

Friday: It’s easy to communicate how you’re feeling. But there’s some frustration around your personal desires verses the stubbornness of those around you.

Saturday: Today is a great day for checking off your do-to list and completing personal tasks.

Have a lovely week!


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