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Horoscope | Week of Aug 21, 2022

This week is significant, with both two important transits and one major retrograde taking place. Very important conversations are bound to take place throughout the week. Your perception will surely shift within the next seven days.

Monday, the 22nd marks the first day of Virgo season. Switching from the bold, fiery, and dramatic sign of Leo — we now move into rational, analytical, and health-conscious Virgo. The past month was full of spice and adventure, but now things take a bit more serious of a turn. The next four weeks will have you focused on the details from a practical perspective.

Also on this day, there could be some exciting conversation about unexpected changes and transformation. The moon resides in Cancer until Wednesday, making the first couple days of the week extra sensitive and intuitive.

Midweek, Uranus goes retrograde until January 2023. This may not affect you so much on a personal level, but could have a greater effect on the collective conscious as a whole. You could possibly see something significant on the news around this time relating to groupthink or the rejection of technological progress.

On Thursday, Mercury transits into Libra, which could spark important conversation. This is a great time for discussing legal matters or business unions. You could also have an excellent conversation with a loved one.

Coming into the weekend, you may face some difficulties regarding a particular relationship. It is extra perplexing at this time to understand where you loved one is coming from, as you’re being challenged to honor one another’s differences. But Sunday’s energies provide a great boost for desiring to put in the work with them.


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