Virgo Season (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

6️⃣Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac — symbolizing nurturing, giving, and selfless energy. Ruled by the sixth house, Virgo is highly connected to health, daily rituals, and zooming in on the details. Those with Virgo in their zodiac tend to be more health-conscious. They prefer to take life day-by-day rather than looking at the bigger picture, avoiding the mistake of biting off more than they can chew. They are realistic and reliable in their plans and value a sense of structure. Their knack for paying attention to detail makes them prone to overthinking and overanalyzing, but it also make them talented detectives.

🌕Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the Virgo has excellent social skills — along with Gemini. Virgos are highly analytical and can easily see through the motives of other people and understand how they tick. You could have a highly stimulating conversation with Virgo and never run out of things to say. They will chip in with a lot of insight into human nature.

💃Virgo symbolizes “the Virgin” — which has a completely different meaning today than it did in ancient times. This has nothing to do with sexuality, but represents an unmarried person. Do not get this confused, because Virgos can have a heavy sex life — although they are often more attracted to intelligence rather than physical traits. The symbol of Virgo represents their fierce independence. Also, it makes them happy and fulfilled to give, rather than receive — they are over-givers, which makes them susceptible to being taken advantage of, but overall these kind souls often want absolutely nothing in return. And lastly, as their symbol is a person rather than an animal, this highlights their intelligence.

🌎Virgo is an earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth energy is stable, reliable, nourishing, rational, slow-moving, hard-working, and persistent. Unlike fire signs, they hardly ever lash out; unlike air signs, they have impressive patience; and unlike water signs, they keep their emotions in check. Being slow and stubborn, they refuse to give up and are not deterred by a lack of instant results.

🍃As a mutable sign, there is still a great sense of flexibility and open-mindedness to Virgo. Although earth signs are generally stubborn, Virgos are the least stubborn of the three, and that’s because they do not attach themselves to specific outcomes. It may take them a while to begin a new project, or pick up the speed, but they are gifted in achieving the final results. They understand when it’s time to let go, just as long as they know that they have given their all.

Virgo season affects us all. It’s an ideal time to improve your health and pick up a new workout routine or meal plan. Everyone’s attention to detail is heightened. Logic and patience play an important theme.

Your personal sign:

(check ☀️sun, 🌙moon, 👆rising)

♍️Virgo: A new chapter, a sense of renewal and focus on self-care, burst in energy.

♎️Libra: Closing up a cycle; self-reflection, lower energy and seclusion.

♏️Scorpio: Hope for the future; a focus on your friendship circle or team.

♐️Sagittarius: Focus on career, your talents and ambitions are being recognized.

♑️Capricorn: Traveling or extended education, expanding your mindset and major growth.

♒️Aquarius: Digging into mystery, exploring the taboo, connecting with your dark side.

♓️Pisces: Spotlight on a partnership — in romance, friendship, or business.

♈️Aries: Working on your fitness, creating new daily rituals, picking up on the details.

♉️Taurus: Imagination and creativity is heightened, your inner-child comes out to play.

♊️Gemini: Prioritizing routine and structure; spending more time at home / with family.

♋️Cancer: A social time; important conversations. Local travel, new hobbies.

♌️Leo: Focus on money, resources, and possessions. Working hard and making important purchases.


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