I’m sick of being an over-giver…

I’m sick of being an over-giver and attracting people who only want to take from me and give back nothing in return. I shouldn’t even have to ask a person to treat me like a human being, rather than an object to be stored away on a shelf and taken out whenever it suits them.

I have such a big heart with so much love to give, and for a person not to accept that is one thing, but to use that to their own advantage is another. I will wait patiently like a puppy dog ready to come when I’m called. I want to please and I want to give. But it’s so tiring when you keep on giving to the wrong people.

You think you have found someone who understands you and relates to you. You think that maybe this person has been through the same struggle you have. But they haven’t. They’re just like every other monster from your past. They are absolutely no different.

I do not think that having emotions makes you weak, but I can see that most people are still stuck in that mindset. I think it’s really, extremely, incredibly, enormously brave to love. To care about someone, to have feelings at all takes strength.

I give because I want to give, not because I expect anything in return. Now I’ve realized that my expectations are low. When I give someone my heart, I never expect it to be taken care of. But it would be nice to be surprised for once.

I think I have been hurt by cowards: people who don’t have any faith in the universe, people who would rather do the hurting than get hurt themselves, people who care about what others think of them, people who need to be in control at all times, people who are scared of their own emotions and feelings.

I will never reduce myself to the point where I have to ask someone to treat me like a human being. I am not an object. I am not a robot. I am not a doll. You think that would be common sense, but apparently it’s not. I have a soul and a spirit. I feel things, I experience pain, I have desires, and so forth. How does a person not realize that!? That is the point in which you have to stop giving.


5 thoughts on “I’m sick of being an over-giver…

  1. I understand your struggles with this – I’m one of those people too. Ever since I met my husband 7 years ago I had to make so many sacrifces and gave up so much I wonder a lot whether it has all been worth it. I constantly remind him of things and I’m definately not afraid to show my emotions, so much so that I don’t care. Relationships are hard work and there are many times I wish I was still single and remember how much freedom I had and didn’t have to answer to anyone. There are just some really selfish people around. But we must remember our own self worth and not to let anyone beat us down.

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  2. Me again – I just saw a post on Facebook and thought of this article and I know it might not always feel like it but the comment was “the happiest people are the ones that give, not take”!

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    1. It’s very true that relationships are hard work. It’s never easy. But that quote is very accurate. I do give by choice and that’s what makes me feel happy. I think the people who do not give are missing out, and that’s what makes me sad. I agree that we gotta stay strong and remember the truth, that caring and giving take strength, it’s not a weakness!

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