Horoscope for December 2022

You can let yourself dream again as Neptune comes out of retrograde. You may feel more inspired to fantasize, or feel a greater connection to spirituality, during the first few days of December. With Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th, and a full moon in Gemini on the 7th, this marks an excellent time forContinue reading “Horoscope for December 2022”

Book Review: The Penelopiad

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood is a retelling of the classic Odyssey from a new perspective. Penelope is currently wandering the Underworld in her afterlife. She retells Odyssey from her own point of view. Over two-thousand years ago, she was the wife of Odysseus, married at the age of fifteen. During his journey of unbelievableContinue reading “Book Review: The Penelopiad”

I almost had an affair with a man twice my age

I was in my early 20s and he was in his early 40s. I held back because I thought it would leave me haunted… as it turns out, I am haunted just the same. It makes me question if we really did have a full-on affair, would I feel more spooked, remorseful, and regretful… becauseContinue reading “I almost had an affair with a man twice my age”

Surviving Lyme Disease

It was the scariest health crisis I’ve ever had, and I’m still left frightened over the longterm outcome. The disease must have crept up on me, covertly and sneakily, without any of my conscious awareness — because I did not see it until Stage 3, when the bacteria had already attacked my joints to theContinue reading “Surviving Lyme Disease”

I did it… I joined Medium!

Follow me on Medium I’ve been debating for a really long time if I should join Medium. I’ve decided to finally go ahead and do it. I promise that I am not a traitor to WordPress! The thing about Medium is that is allows a much greater opportunity to get paid for your writing, butContinue reading “I did it… I joined Medium!”

Age 28: Using tarot & astrology to look at my year ahead

I turned twenty-eight a few days ago. A lady never reveals her age, but there you go. Nothing to be ashamed of. Recently, (by recently, I mean just last year) I’ve been using my solar return (AKA birthday) to take a moment and see what’s ahead for me. Let’s start with tarot. Last year, atContinue reading “Age 28: Using tarot & astrology to look at my year ahead”

Decoding “Born to Die” by Lana Del Rey

“Born to Die” is the opening track for Lana Del Rey’s debut album, “Born to Die” from January 2012. The song was recorded and released as a single in late 2011. I see this song as having dual meanings, and that is what gives it so much depth. There are two ways to look atContinue reading “Decoding “Born to Die” by Lana Del Rey”

As my solar return approaches…

This year for Halloween, I dressed as Bee from Bee and Puppycat, my new favorite TV show. It premiered on Netflix only about a month ago. I went to Peddlers Village with my friend and I got recognized a few times, which I totally did not expect! The absolute highlight was when this mother walkedContinue reading “As my solar return approaches…”