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Age 28: Using tarot & astrology to look at my year ahead

I turned twenty-eight a few days ago. A lady never reveals her age, but there you go. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Recently, (by recently, I mean just last year) I’ve been using my solar return (AKA birthday) to take a moment and see what’s ahead for me.

Let’s start with tarot. Last year, at the start of 2022, I drew a tarot spread for the next twelve months. I thought it would be more fitting to do this on my solar return, rather than “the new year” which actually means nothing unless you were born in December or January.

Last year’s tarot spread ended up being scarily accurate. I had no idea what to expect — I thought everything would remain the same in regards to both romance and career. But the cards told me that a very new beginning was coming — an emphasis on “pentacles” which symbolizes either work or a committed partnership. There were also many major arcanas, which told me that something very significant and fated was happening. I ended up getting a new job!

This year’s spread is slightly different because I decided to use reversals. This makes the interpretation slightly more complex.

Overall, I don’t see as many major arcanas — only two, in July and September. July will be the most significant month because the moon card underneath shows significant change. It seems that I will be letting go of something toxic, releasing myself from someone or something. September shows the tower — if it was upright then I would say it’s something shocking — but seeing it reverse softens the blow, it can also indicate rebuilding something from scratch or recovering something from the past.

There’s a lot of queens, kings, and knights in the spread. Interesting how many are reversed. This symbolizes people, indicating a lot of people having significance in my life, with lots of communication. Also, the moon cards show an equal balance of full moons and new moons, so nothing stands out to me there.

What will be much more interesting is looking back as time goes on and seeing how it all plays out. It’s impossible to specifically say at this point!

Last year’s solar return chart was even more scarily accurate. A huge career shift was set for me in September/October, which is right when I started my new job after five years at my prior. A lot of other details were also very true.

27 is the profection year of the fourth house — this explains the “27 club” in which there is a scary trend of many celebrities suddenly dying from suicide or lifestyle choices. Age 27, for all, is very deep and dark — it’s the subconscious coming into light. It’s a lot of shadow work, going within, connecting to your roots.

Personally, I think I did great surviving this difficult age. I made a conscious effort to reconnect with my roots and learn more about my family history. I would say that the first month of this age was rock bottom for me. I would say that December 2021 was one of the hardest months I’ve ever lived through. And it was only uphill from there. The spring of 2022 was a rough patch, but it was like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. This past summer and fall has had its challenges but I 100% landed on my feet. I faced a lot of harsh reality checks and wake-up calls, but that was so necessary for me to align with my highest path.

Age 28 brings me to the year of the fifth house, which is completely opposite of the fourth. It’s about fun, creativity, and joy! It’s very lighthearted and takes a sharp U-turn away from age 27. I’m really excited about it. It brings an emphasis on children, imagination, and expression.

More insights from what this chart predicts for age 28 for me…

  • Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the second house shows great financial improvement. It shows a lot of available resources and support from others. It shows a stable partnership, or many reliable friendships. There’s a good sense of security here.
  • Pluto in the fourth house indicates a huge transformation of my belief systems, it could also imply a huge transformation within my family or home life. Fortune is also in this house, implying these changes will be very blessed.
  • Jupiter in the sixth house shows that health will be prioritized; my health should be very blessed this year. Chiron also here shows great healing within physical, mental, and emotional health. Neptune here indicates using spiritual methods to heal myself.
  • Uranus in the eighth house is a really unique position — combining future technology with the hidden occult. So, this could show using social media/internet to dive more into occult practices. It can also indicate a relationship that goes against traditional values and societal norms.
  • Mars in the ninth house indicates a passion for higher learning, exploration, and traveling. This year could bring a big trip or a lot of new knowledge. Being retrograde, I feel that this definitely relates to “ancient knowledge” going back into the past. There could also be a vacation to somewhere I haven’t been since childhood.
  • Black moon Lilith in the tenth house is very interesting, as this house represents reputation. This can indicate having a very dark, rebellious, and edgy reputation. The moon is here too, which adds more intuition to reputation. Overall, this projects an image of something like “alternative spirituality” or someone who follows their intuition instead of logic and rules.

Looks like a great year, and I’m looking forward to it! My personal goals are similar to last year. I’d really like to maximize my Etsy shop and put more time and energy into it to bring greater results. I’d also like to read more books, especially more fiction. And perhaps I’ll have published another book by next year, or perhaps not, no pressure there. I don’t want to push myself to overly high expectations. Lastly, I am really fascinated in healing others.


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