Horoscope for December 2022

You can let yourself dream again as Neptune comes out of retrograde. You may feel more inspired to fantasize, or feel a greater connection to spirituality, during the first few days of December.

With Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th, and a full moon in Gemini on the 7th, this marks an excellent time for communication and socialization. Use this period to clear up misunderstandings, have an important conversation with someone, or get chatty with a group of friends. The 9th will be a joyful day as Venus enters Capricorn. You may find more enjoyment through work or your personal goals.

The latter part of December brings a fresh start and happy, new beginnings. Jupiter enters Aries on the 20th, which brings great fortune, especially in regards to trying something new and leaving the past behind. The 21st marks Capricorn season, along with Winter Solstice and a brand new wheel of the year. And then comes a new moon in Capricorn on the 23rd, along with Chiron turning direct — bringing deep healing, forgiveness, and a refreshed sense of morality.

And lastly, on the 29th, Mercury turns retrograde — which pushes our communication to turn inwards rather than out. It’s a great time of reflection — be sure that you think twice before you speak, or someone may easily misinterpret you.

Check your sun, moon, and rising:

At the start of December, your voice is being heard. You could be gaining more recognition in the workplace or attracting more clients to your business. The full moon on the 7th highlights your relationship with your peers, along with primary learning. This is an excellent time for taking on a new hobby or skill with a small group of likeminded people. You will also be finding much more fulfillment through work, goal achievement, and personal accomplishment. If you’re coupled up, your relationship is entering the spotlight. In the latter part of the month, Jupiter is entering your zodiac, which brings you grand fortune — either through financial gain or emotional wealth. Finally, the new moon on the 23rd is an ideal time for planting seeds on a new business idea. Overall, this month is an awesome time for working hard and being rewarded for your strong efforts.

Taurus, you may want to considering teaching, or joining an advanced-level class, as your thirst for knowledge is spiked in December. You have a lot of wisdom, and sharing it with others, along with multiplying that wisdom with other likeminded sages, will bring you deep fulfillment. On the 7th, the full moon may likely bring you financial gain; or at the very least, a cozy sense of comfort and support from your loved ones. Celebrate it with a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket in front of the fire. Your desire for higher knowledge continues to grow as the month goes on — you may want to travel somewhere new or make plans for an upcoming vacation. In the latter part of the month, you will find your dreams becoming more vivid and prominent. This is a ripe time for deep meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.

Coming into December, you’re searching for more than what meets the eye. As your intuition is heightened, you’re finding that what people say is not exactly what they mean — and you can see right through their true intentions. The full moon on the 7th takes place in your zodiac sign, emphasizing a fresh start and great harmony, as it feels like the world is revolving around you! Mid-month, you could feel a very deep sense of connection and intimacy with a loved one. Towards the end of December, attention is drawn to your friendship circle or community. If you’re looking for more success in business, spend this time networking and socializing — as you could meet a mutual friend who hooks you up with a favorable opportunity for your career. Finally, concluding the month, there’s another emphasis on solving a mystery and digging beneath the surface. A grand change for you is on the horizon.

This month, you can expect a person in your life to play a very important role — for some of you, this is a romantic interest, and for others this is a business partnership. Expect an important conversation with this certain someone during the first week of December. The full moon on the 7th may feel less social for you than it does for others — rather, it brings you a deeper sense of introspection, meditation, and reflection. Instead of going out, use this day to catch up on sleep and wrap up some old projects. Mid-month brings great pleasure between you and your sweetie — have a cozy night at home with one another. In the latter half, you’re ready to step back into the spotlight. Expect a promotion, raise, or bonus paycheck at work! At the end of December, it would be advisable to begin a new business project. This is the start of a new commitment — either in terms of career or relationships.

Leo, this month has your focus shifting on health and daily habits. The first week could bring you some excellent health advice if you keep your ears open. You may find yourself eager to share your “beauty secrets” or “fitness routine” to those who are curious. The full moon on the 7th brings you an urgency to give back to those who are less fortunate. You may feel inspired to start a fitness program, or write a social media post about how people can break toxic habits. Indulging in a hot bath or massage can really help you unwind, as Venus makes a transit on the 9th. Coming into the latter part of December, you’re feeling very inspired to expand your horizons — stimulate your mind with a new skill, a lengthy book, or a trip to a new destination. Wrapping up December, take on a different habit that will supercharge your routine.

This month, you’re feeling inspired to share new ideas and speak in imaginative ways. You could be spending more time with a child and relating to them better than usual. On the 7th, the full moon highlights your place in society — you’re thinking more about your reputation and how you present yourself to the world. Some of you are spending more time at work, or putting better effort into your career. As Venus transits on the 9th, a burst of pleasure and bliss is headed your way — allow yourself to release your inner child to the world! Visualize your biggest fantasies and laugh until your head rolls off! The second part of December could bring an unexpected burst of transformation. Those who are coupled up will feel an intensely spiritual connection with their partner. This could be a ripe time for pregnancy for those who are looking to conceive. And for others, this an awesome time to start a brand new creative project.

Early December brings an important conversation with a family member, or perhaps something about your living situation. Also, some of you are feeling inspired to speak up more about your spiritual beliefs. You may want to spend the first or second week traveling, as the full moon on the 7th highlights your need for adventure. On the other hand, it’s also a ripe time for acquiring occult, esoteric knowledge. Mid-month, there’s a lot of harmony surrounding your home life. You may be getting along better with your family or making positive changes to your residence. The latter part of December has you focused on a special someone. You may be taking your relationship to the next level, to the point where you can your sweetie as family. If you’re in a business partnership, money will flow heavily for the both of you! Concluding December, you could be moving locations or simply moving furniture around — others are welcoming a new pet, in-law, or baby into their family.

Dear Scorpio, the first week of December sparks an important conversation — between your siblings, coworkers, or close friends. On the 7th, the full moon is sure to be very intense for you — highlighting deep change and psychic power. It would benefit you greatly to lean into your spirituality on this day with a witchy ritual. You may even be able to come into contact with your passed loved ones. Mid-month brings you a dash of social charm and popularity among your peers. The end of the month has you paying more attention to your health and daily habits. Money looks good for those who are involved in healthcare, fitness, or healing. Remember that if you want to change your life, you have to change your day. Alongside, you could be starting a new hobby that will eventually lead to a lot of satisfaction and success.

Sagittarius, you enter the month in the midst of Sagittarius season, which brings higher self-awareness and hopefully for most of you, higher spirits. As December goes on, your focus is gradually shifting from yourself to the resources outside of yourself — like money, food, and the people who love you. The full moon on the 7th highlights your “shadow self,” or the parts of others that you believe you lack. Spend some extra time this week with your partner or best friend. If you’re up for it, dive deep into some shadow work. Alongside, the Venus transit happening mid-month could bless you with a lavish gift, a bonus paycheck, or some delicious food. In the latter part of December, you could get hit with a sudden burst of creative flow. If there’s a child or children in your life, they are demanding extra attention from you. Finishing up the month, you’re putting in the work and thinking a lot about longterm success.

You’re starting the month out feeling a little more quiet, introspective, and exhausted than usual — but as the month progresses, you will notice your energy steadily returning. In the first week, your communication skills are on point and you’re finding it easier to clear up prior misunderstandings. The full moon on the 7th pushes you to pay more attention to your health. Be sure to catch up on rest and pay extra care to your needs. Mid-month brings a fresh start in your love life, as your charm and attractiveness is boosted, and you’re suddenly finding more people are drawn to you. In the latter half of December, you’re focusing deeply on your home and family life. Some of you are expanding your home or receiving an expansion in family. Alongside, you may find yourself feeling more spiritual connection. Lastly, the start of Capricorn season followed by the new moon in Capricorn brings happiness and harmony! You’re ready for a new chapter!

Aquarius, the start of December brings some secretive, and perhaps even telepathic communication. Someone is spilling a secret; and they may be speaking to you through intuition rather than words. The full moon on the 7th brings you excitement, imagination, and childlike joy. You’re feeling creative and expressive — throw yourself into an art project or spend more time with any children in your life. By mid-month, you may be involved in a secret affair or low-key relationship. Possibly, an old lover or friend from the past could come back. Nearing the end of December, you could be learning a new craft and bonding more with your peers. Visiting local shops and restaurants will bring you extra joy. Along with that, you will also be entering a phase of slowing down and turning inwards — wrapping up a chapter in preparation for January’s Aquarius season.

This month will be putting more focus on your friendship circle and community. In the first week, having a conversation with friends about your vision for the future will help you manifest these desires. On the 7th, the full moon highlights your home and family life — around this week, spending more time relaxing at home, or hanging out with your family, is absolutely necessary. You’re also thinking more about your spiritual beliefs at this time — perhaps questioning your destiny. Around the 20th, someone could gift you with a present, some cash, or a tasty, home cooked meal. The latter part of December blesses you with a fresh burst in optimism. You could have a new friend entering your life, or a new cycle unfolding in your friendship group.


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