Vanilla Girl Wishlist

If you’re a fan of the vanilla girl aesthetic, then this wishlist is a must!

*The following listed products are affiliate links which means I may earn a small profit from your purchase.*

1. White Quartz Crystal Roller to manage your face with in order to promote relaxation, firmness, and smoothness.

2. Classic UGG boots to keep your feet warm and cozy, whether it’s winter or summer!

3. Grey sweatpants for lounging at home, running errands at the store, or hanging out with friends.

4. Vanilla deodorant to keep yourself fresh — no aluminum or any other unclean ingredients!

5. Vanilla bean lotion, because… duh.

6. Vanilla lip balm because your lips should be just as moisturized as your skin.

7. French Vanilla Black Tea, so you can feel both cozy and caffeinated.

8. And if you want to feel a little fancier, try Vanilla Almond Black Tea by the Republic of Tea.

9. A unisex grey fleece to match your grey sweatpants.

10. A matching two-piece workout suit for staying fit (or relaxing on the couch in style.)

11. Vanilla bean candle for cold and rainy nights at home.

12. A pack of neutral colored velvet scrunchies for a low pony or a high bun.

13. Bamboo paddle hairbrush for smooth and silky hair.

14. Elegant pajamas so you can feel both cozy and glamorous at the same time.

15. And finally, a very soft eye mask for ultimate beauty sleep.


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