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Spring is in full swing! Ducks, new cover art, cooking and baking, and getting my steps in…

This past weekend was a low key ladies weekend with my aunt Nancy and Debbie, my cousin Priscilla and Julie the sis.

Here I am getting ready to leave on Friday… don’t mind the mess in the background (the banana is creepin)

They have ducks right now and they are so cute! I got to feed them! But they’re very skittish.

Overall it was a lot of good food and a lot of good talks. There was a really nice Italian food restaurant we went to on Saturday. But sadly I had to leave that night for work on Sunday ☹️

Delicious blueberry pancakes!

This past week I released new covers for my two books. C&M has been re-released as a second version with new formatting. There have been no changes to the story! The paragraphs now have indents and no extra spaces to give it a more professional look that I learned about through the process of the second book. There is an additional preface beforehand which briefly goes over my process for how I wrote the story.

I took two selfies this past week. Here is the second one. You know why? Because I saw this trend online of people posting selfies of themselves from each year in the past five years. I realized I never took one this entire year so far. And it just made me realize how fast this year is passing.

So I decided that for my thirtieth birthday (not until November 2024) as a gift to myself I’m going to compile all of the selfies I’ve taken through my twenties, since I turned twenty years old, in a little book. I believe “selfie” officially became a word in 2014 when phones added front-facing cameras and everyone was outraged. Yes, myself included. But people have been taking “selfies” since before digital cameras, there just was no word for it like that.

I do feel silly sometimes when I take photos of myself; I do fear coming across as shallow or narcissistic. But my intent is not for myself, it’s really for the future of my family, especially if I have kids someday. I love seeing photos of my mom when she was young, my grandma, and all of my ancestors which I especially found while doing the family history blog posts.

It’s also funny because your twenties are considered “the selfish years” (I’ve heard people say.) It is a rare time in your life that you get to be selfish in ways that you cannot for the rest of your life, or your childhood/teen years when your focus is your parents over yourself. I’m nearing the end of my twenties and I’m learning how to be less selfish; and I’m feeling ready to put others before me in a way that I could not do several years ago.

The prior weekend, I baked the life-changing bread. I’d like to do a separate post on the recipe to share. Hopefully I get around to that soon.

Keeping up with my resolution of cooking and baking more, I also made a pizza from scratch. Okay, well, the dough was frozen/premade. It’s cauliflower crust by the way which is super delicious! I added sauce, nutritional yeast, and FRESH herbs from my AeroGarden! It feels really good to eat something that you created yourself. I raised that basil myself. This is vegan and gluten free, btw.

And since the first day of spring, now that I no longer have the excuse of cold weather, I’m making a point to go on a walk at least once a week. I’ve been doing solo walks at a nearby park. I aim for 1-2 hours or at least 6,000 steps. I bought AirPods recently and listening to podcasts has helped the walks go by nicely.

Here are some podcasts I’ve been enjoying:

  • Once Upon A Time (a retelling of fairytales — not the Disney versions, but the gruesome original versions!)
  • Because It Was On (talking about sitcoms from the 90s and 00s)
  • The Jo DeVoe Show (inspiration and spirituality without the woo woo — and she follows me on Twitter!)
  • Ancient History Fangirl
  • The Goddess Project
  • Moon Matters (astrology)
  • Cats, Tea, and Witchcraft
  • Yoga Magic
  • Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!

And last but absolutely not least, Luna turned three years old on April 17th! I feel guilty because I completely missed her birthday, to be honest. I forgot until a few days later, in which I went out and bought her new treats to try. Apparently, cats don’t know when you’ve missed their birthday, so I should be in the clear.

There she is, yawning while I was blogging. I guess my writing puts her to sleep. 🙄😹


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