Two years of tarot readings on Youtube!

Crystal Aura Gaze on Youtube This is a short compilation of the monthly tarot videos I have done over the past two years! It begins in the summer of 2020, up to today. It’s amazing to see how I have grown and opened up more as a tarot reader overtime. You can really see aContinue reading “Two years of tarot readings on Youtube!”

Pick a card [tarot reading]: Your spirit baby (future child)…

I made this pick-a-card tarot reading for “your spirit baby” or future child. This can apply to those who plan to have a baby someday in the future, it can also apply to those who are pregnant or have a young baby now, and as well can apply to your future grandchildren if you alreadyContinue reading “Pick a card [tarot reading]: Your spirit baby (future child)…”

PICK A CARD | Tarot Reading | What’s coming in your near future?

The photo above shows three different piles: Rose quartz Red carnelian Labradorite. Pick one of the piles and then scroll down to see which cards they are and what this means for you. This reading determines what is coming in your near future (roughly next 1-3 weeks.) This is a “timeless reading” and applies toContinue reading “PICK A CARD | Tarot Reading | What’s coming in your near future?”

My tarot card collection (part 1)

I’d like to share with you, my tarot card collection. What’s the difference between tarot & oracle cards? With both types of decks are used for divination, tarot consists of a distinct set of cards with universal meanings — 78 cards including 22 major arcana, and 56 minor arcana divided into four suits (cups, wands,Continue reading “My tarot card collection (part 1)”

Subscribe to my Youtube channel! New Tarot Videos Posted!

New tarot reading videos have been posted on my channel! Please show your support and subscribe, like, and comment! Check out your personal reading by zodiac signs (sun, moon, rising)! CLICK HERE! ARIES: TAURUS: GEMINI: CANCER: LEO: VIRGO: LIBRA: SCORPIO: SAGITTARIUS: CAPRICORN: AQUARIUS: PISCES:

My Year Ahead for 2022 (in Tarot)

So, typically when I post tarot readings, I do it for other people. I try to keep my own personal tarot readings private. But right now, I’d like to share a personal reading on myself. And who knows, since I’m making this public, maybe others will also be able to relate. This is a “yearContinue reading “My Year Ahead for 2022 (in Tarot)”