PICK A CARD | Tarot Reading | What’s coming in your near future?

The photo above shows three different piles:

  1. Rose quartz
  2. Red carnelian
  3. Labradorite.

Pick one of the piles and then scroll down to see which cards they are and what this means for you.

This reading determines what is coming in your near future (roughly next 1-3 weeks.) This is a “timeless reading” and applies to whenever you find this post.

So go ahead, without overthinking it, pick the pile/crystal you are most drawn towards!

Pile #1 (Rose quartz)

There’s a lot of chaotic energy here, as you are venturing into the unknown, and things may seem very shaky at the moment. There’s a lot of things that you do not know about a situation, but you’re approaching it with patience and curiosity. Strange feelings could come up, as you are being called to open your mind and try something new. Your best advice for getting through this month is to remain open-minded and do not let stubbornness get the best of you. Put aside your vision for a moment and let the universe take control as to where your path is headed.

Pile #2 (Red carnelian)

A brand new chapter is on the horizon. Clarity is coming through and you may have an important decision to make. You’re being very patient right now and putting in the work in order to achieve something. If you are involved in a legal battle or something involving the law, the outcome will be in your favor. You can certainly trust your judgement at this time because your vision is sharp. Remember to continue mustering bravery and having faith in yourself.

Pile #3 (Labradorite)

A new starting is coming through for you, but it looks like you have already been here before — like a second chance, or redoing something in a different way. There is a major wish coming true for you. You’re really in control right now and have all the power to make something happen. The only issue is that you need to be sure that you are taking the initiative and putting in physical action, rather than sitting back and waiting for this to fall into your lap. Keep on remaining confident.


2 thoughts on “PICK A CARD | Tarot Reading | What’s coming in your near future?

  1. After reading your post on Laboradite I had to pick pile 3, and I think I am happy with the result. It’s kind of fitting and I definitely have to put more work in, instead of just daydreaming about things!

    Liked by 1 person

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