My Year Ahead for 2022 (in Tarot)

So, typically when I post tarot readings, I do it for other people. I try to keep my own personal tarot readings private. But right now, I’d like to share a personal reading on myself. And who knows, since I’m making this public, maybe others will also be able to relate.

This is a “year ahead” spread, in which I look to see what themes this year will bring. The top pile represents the overall theme, while the bottom cards represent the overall conclusion and how this year will wrap up. Each card in between goes month-by-month.

I recently had a solar return reading with an astrologist, so I’ll see if this relates to that, and ends up being more or less accurate.

I used Moonology oracle cards and Romance tarot cards, upright only. I love the Moonology deck because it lays out very straight-forward messages without getting too specific. I was drawn to the Romance tarot cards just because of the beautiful artwork — not necessarily anything to do with romance or love. I am not fixated on any theme — just general, which may include love, or career, or money, or friendship, etc.

Overall theme for 2022: Conclusions are in reach / The World, 10 of swords

So this year for me is definitely about finding closure and letting go of the past. There’s something that I have been holding onto for too long. This year is going to teach me how to move forward and let go of what no longer serves me. I feel like I will gain a lot more clarity in terms of why I have been holding onto something for so long and why I needed to let go. I think more answers will come my way, and this is going to give me that closure I have been craving in order to find acceptance. This is an ending, but it’s not a sad ending, because I will find a sense of understanding.

January: Adjustments are required / King of pentacles

This combination may allude to stubbornness, the king of pentacles resembling fixation, with the oracle message advising re-routing and figuring out a new plan. This could be about trying to do things differently in terms of career or side job. There is a need for rational reassessment. This could also be about trying to reevaluate my finances and spending. Hard work and discipline is necessary.

February: The end of a tough cycle approaches / 10 of wands

Some type of chapter is wrapping up in this month. I could have been working extra hard in January, and maybe most of February too, but it won’t be for too much longer. Soon enough I will reap my rewards. I may be very exhausted at this point, but it looks like workload should soon lighten.

March: Balance spirituality and practicality / 6 of wands

There is a lot of positivity here. I feel like my workload could really lighten by this point, and I will be able to focus more on spirituality, while also keeping up with responsibilities. There could be some significant achievement or victory at this time. This could also be a warning not to become too boastful or arrogant about an accomplishment, or not to become too over my head.

April: Show the world the real you / wheel of fortune

This is even more positive! I could really open up to someone at this point, or open up to friends, or the world around me. My finances could improve, or I could be feeling very spiritually or emotionally wealthy. This is about feeling comfortable in my own skin, feeling blessed and lucky, no longer shying away from the world or a particular situation. I will gain more confidence. Major arcana implies that this will be a significant month.

May: A time for healing / the hanged man

Another major arcana, this month will also be important. Although, I don’t feel like anything too major will happen at this time, at least not externally. There could be a lot of deep healing at this time, major enlightenment, a brand new perspective. This could be the specific month in which I truly understand what I need to let go of and why.

June: A new start is coming! / knight of pentacles

This is a very exciting combination to see! This could be the time in which, after completely letting go of something in May, the universe rewards me with a much-needed new beginning in June. This could be about a specific person, maybe a love interest, offering stable commitment. Or, this could be about a job offer or career opportunity that brings great financial rewards. Whatever it is, this is going to be long-lasting and provide comfort and security.

July: The energy is gaining momentum / 8 of swords

It seems like, whatever new opportunity came my way in June, is becoming more powerful and prevalent at this point. Usually 8 of swords refers to feeling “stuck,” but with this combination, I see this more as “dedication” and really throwing myself into a specific situation, maybe even a person. I feel like in this month, I am really going to be fixated on something — but not the past, rather, this new start that came through the prior month.

August: look at the bigger picture / the star

Major arcana card again, this is an extremely positive card. There could be a wish that comes true. And if not, at least overall healing, regaining faith back in the universe, having hope again. At this point, I can see myself feeling really positive about the future, and no longer dwelling on the past.

September: You and your loved ones are safe / ace of cups

This is beautiful. More healing, security, and hope. There could be another new beginning at this point — possibly meeting someone new, or having a re-start with someone, or beginning a new chapter with someone, or finding forgiveness. There could be a great sense of friendship and community.

October: Expect powerful change / the hermit

Wow, more change coming, and yet again another major arcana. So obviously, there will be a major change at this point, of course it’s impossible to say what exactly. The hermit is a lonely and reclusive card, so I could be spending a lot of time alone during this month. There is also a sense of having a strong intuition. These changes could be overwhelming which has me craving more alone-time. This is the month before my birthday, in which I am usually more low-energy.

November: You are good enough / 7 of cups

This could be about feeling insecure, maybe even delusional. On the negative side, this could be about me feeling down about myself, or worrying that I am lacking. Or on the positive side, this could be about chasing after my dreams and indulging in fantasy.

December: It’s time to take action / temperance

Major arcana! This month, I can see myself trying something different or doing something very out-of-the-box. This is about adventure and exploration! It is also a signal that angels are watching over me and protecting me dearly at this time. I can see myself taking some type of risk.

Conclusion: Prosperity lies ahead / ace of pentacles, magician, 7 of wands

There is a strong message here that by the end of the year, I may receive something I have wished for — and this is not something that comes easy, but something I genuinely earned through hard work and persistence. This is something I have not only wished for, but actively fought for, tirelessly. I don’t know what that is — maybe a romance of a lifetime, or a career opportunity of a lifetime, or just something that makes me feel blessed. I am strongly leaning towards it being either major commitment or a lot of money.

Final verdict: About half of the cards I pulled were major arcana — which only makes up about a quarter of the deck. This certainly implies that this is going to be a significant year that really stands out. I found 2021 to be quite dull, and quite upsetting by the end, so my expectations this year are very low. I personally found 2021 to be much more difficult than 2020. I am surprised by how positive this reading turned out. If the cards are right, then January/February may be hard, but the rest of the year looks really good! Please, please be so! Amen!


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