Book Review: The Penelopiad

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood is a retelling of the classic Odyssey from a new perspective. Penelope is currently wandering the Underworld in her afterlife. She retells Odyssey from her own point of view. Over two-thousand years ago, she was the wife of Odysseus, married at the age of fifteen. During his journey of unbelievableContinue reading “Book Review: The Penelopiad”

Book review: “How to Survive in Ancient Rome” by LJ Trafford

“How to Survive in Ancient Rome” is a humorous yet enlightening, and certainly gruesome at times, look into ancient history. The time period mainly covers the Roman Empire. The book is divided into chapters that cover one topic at a time — housing, clothing, diet, religion, politics, etc. It basically serves as a how-to guideContinue reading “Book review: “How to Survive in Ancient Rome” by LJ Trafford”

Book review: “Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire”

“Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire” by Bettany Hughes is a nonfiction look into the history of Venus-Aphrodite. The goddess of love, known in Greek as “Aphrodite” and in Rome, as well as more commonly in today’s western society, “Venus,” has always had an impact on humanity. But she is far more thanContinue reading “Book review: “Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire””

I published my second book — “Forbidden Knowledge” available NOW!

I am thrilled to announce that I have published my second book! Forbidden Knowledge is a 239-page novel with 23 chapters. It is self-published through Amazon and available as both paperback and ebook! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! The story begins with Alice, an only child of strictly religious parents. Alice was raised in aContinue reading “I published my second book — “Forbidden Knowledge” available NOW!”

Book review: “Find Your Twin Flame” by Leslie Sampson

This was an online impulse buy on Black Friday. While much of it was information I was already familiar with, along with some clichés, I have to say that it was also partially unexpected and maybe even life-changing. It’s not what it seems. This is not a book written by a dating coach, or aContinue reading “Book review: “Find Your Twin Flame” by Leslie Sampson”

Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing

This past week, I have read some powerfully inspiring books! “The Wonder of Unicorns” by Diana Cooper explains the spiritual significance of unicorns, and how they can practically assist you in your daily life. The book describes the majestic purity, magic, and healing powers of unicorns. It is filled with exercises and meditations to harnessContinue reading “Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing”

I wrote a book! ~ “The Captain & the Mermaid” is officially published!

I have written and published my first book! “The Captain & the Mermaid” is available on Amazon as an ebook (currently listed as $2.99, or FREE for unlimited kindle subscribers!) or paperback (currently listed as $14.99)! Click here to view or purchase! Mermaids and mermen, who live deep in the ocean, stay far, far awayContinue reading “I wrote a book! ~ “The Captain & the Mermaid” is officially published!”

Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 6)

This story has become increasingly puzzling and complex, so I made up a recap by chapter and a timeline to avoid confusion. Recap Chapter 1: Alice meets a captivating boy at her work, inspiring her to explore the library’s secret attic where she discovers a chest full of deeply heartfelt, anonymous letters. Chapter 2: AliceContinue reading “Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 6)”

Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101

Intro to numerology Numerology is a way of decoding your personality, relationships, future, etc. through the examination of numbers in your life. It is similar to, yet completely distinct from, astrology. While astrology focuses on positions of the planets and stars, numerology strictly focuses on numbers. The philosophy behind it is that each number holdsContinue reading “Mystery Monday ~ Numerology 101”

Book Review: “Mad Love” ~ A Harley Quinn Novel

“Mad Love,” by Paul Dini and Pat Cadigan, follows the story of Harley Quinn: from a young girl to the very start of her legendary criminal career as Gotham’s most notorious supervillain. Little miss Harleen Quinzel was born and raised in Brooklyn by her mobster father and and stressed yet shockingly supportive mother, followed byContinue reading “Book Review: “Mad Love” ~ A Harley Quinn Novel”