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Book review: “Find Your Twin Flame” by Leslie Sampson

This was an online impulse buy on Black Friday. While much of it was information I was already familiar with, along with some clichés, I have to say that it was also partially unexpected and maybe even life-changing.

It’s not what it seems. This is not a book written by a dating coach, or a marriage counselor, but a spiritual medium. I have to make this clear for those who are unaware, because the term “twin flame” is so misused by the mainstream — it is NOT necessarily a romantic partner, and it is NOT about having physical passion and chemistry with one another. This is about one soul incarnating into two bodies. It is a spiritual concept.

Author Leslie Sampson also makes this very clear — your twin flame can be an animal, a family member, a platonic friend, or a romantic partner. It can be anyone. This is NOT about romance or lust, this is about SOUL CONNECTION!

While I was familiar with much of what Sampson had to say, what took me by surprise was her description of “incarnate” vs “discarnate” twin flames. This is something that you never hear about in the mainstream, and rarely even in the “spiritual community.” But it makes total sense. This is the idea that your twin flame could be alive in this world with you, or could have passed away before you ever met, or possibly never even incarnated during your present lifetime. Because twin flames have to do with connecting on the non-physical plane, many of us have twin flames on the other side.

Sampson’s personal story is interesting. She does not go into too much detail, but draws her experience as an example. At 29, she was sexually assaulted, and went through a very dark and depressing time. About four years later, she began having recurring dreams in which she finally met her twin flame, “Chico.” Through dreams, universal signs, divination, and turning to other mediums, she found confirmation that this was her twin flame. She found parallels between their numerology charts, and nearly identical astrology birth charts. Chico was her discarnate twin flame.

Much of what was discussed in the book were things I was already familiar with — astrology, numerology, chakras, divination tools, meditation, and many “spiritual terms.” Incarnate vs. discarnate was a new concept to me, which I believe makes complete sense. We are all meant to live different lives, and some of us are not meant to meet our twin flames on the physical level, depending on our life purpose.

Something that really shook me was the “Akashic records meditation.” I was already familiarized with the “Akashic records” — basically a concept in which your DNA holds all memories since conception, including past lives. There is a brief chapter on how to do this specific meditation in order to figure out who your twin flame is. It is said not to the meditation for any longer than 5 minutes, because it can be overwhelming.

Now, I first opened this book with an open mind. I thought I might know who my twin flame could be, with the possibility that I still hadn’t met them, all this time assuming a romantic partner. I almost didn’t do the meditation, thinking it might be useless, but I thought “why not just try it.”

During this meditation, I immediately heard two or three children screaming and running around in the background. I tried to focus very hard on the question “who is my twin flame?” This is when I saw — my son. My twin flame is my son. If you don’t know me, I should mention that I am currently child-free. But I saw a little boy with long, blonde hair who clearly was my son. So I asked, “who is his father?” The answer was that “it doesn’t matter” — which I interpret as his soul will be born regardless of who is the father, or that he may never incarnate.

After closing out the meditation and opening my eyes, I was struck with unexplainable, overpowering feelings. I wanted to cry — I didn’t, but I teared up. I was so overcome with emotions for seemingly no logical reason. I could feel his energy — very, very quiet and shy, very sensitive, requires a lot of space, privacy, and alone-time, but very sweet and caring. His energy reminded me so much of my first cat Buttermilk, which makes me question if I have met his soul before in cat-form during my childhood.

When I first bought this book, it was mere curiosity, and I wasn’t expecting too much. I certainly was not expecting to write a book review. In fact I was almost a little embarrassed with myself from the title alone. But I was more than pleasantly surprised.


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  1. Back again, I just found another youtube channel a lady in the uk Amanda Ellis, she does readings and I noticed she’s done a couple of videos about Twin Flames you might be interested in. I haven’t watched them yet but wanted to watch a current reading she did. Also you can follow me on Instagram at books_craftandcocoa. I already follow you there. I don’t post a lot but have kind of started a bookstagram, and there’s a link in my profile to my goodreads page.

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