Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 10)

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6 + recap + timelineChapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9 That evening, Alice returned home from work in hysterical tears. And there Elizabeth was, awaiting her on the armchair. "I know, Mom!" Alice screamed, "I know everything! I know all about the cult!" "Please, let me explain..." Elizabeth remained calm. "Where's… Continue reading Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 10)


Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 6)

This story has become increasingly puzzling and complex, so I made up a recap by chapter and a timeline to avoid confusion. Recap Chapter 1: Alice meets a captivating boy at her work, inspiring her to explore the library's secret attic where she discovers a chest full of deeply heartfelt, anonymous letters. Chapter 2: Alice… Continue reading Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 6)


Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 4)

Before we can move any further ahead, we need to back up... Alice was born in a castle, inherited by her great-great grandparents and passed on through generations. Her childhood was extremely sheltered, with overly protective parents who never granted her any freedom. She was homeschooled and never allowed to leave the house unless she… Continue reading Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 4)