Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 7)

“I’m going crazy!” Alice’s mother, who was named Elizabeth, panicked. She was standing in the basement of the church with their leader, “why can’t you give me more of that potion for Alice?”

The leader of the cult had skin as red as the sunset, yet always wore a black cloak to keep himself hidden. He was about eight feet tall, standing almost twice as high as Elizabeth. He went by the name, “Master.”

“Due to recent observations, it’s clear that Subject A has developed a tolerance and the potion is now much less effective.”

That was what the cult called her — not Alice — but “Subject A.” To them, she was nothing but an experiment.

“Then increase the dosage!” Elizabeth demanded.

“And then she will continue building a tolerance, and then we’ll increase it higher, and then she will build more of a tolerance… And so on! Quit stalling, the time to strike is now!”

Elizabeth sighed with despair, “I’m not quite ready to give her up just yet.”

“We had an agreement. You keep your promise, and I’ll keep mine.”

“You swear?” Elizabeth leaned in closer to the Master, as he took the hood off his head, revealing a slimy bald head with horn-like spikes on top. And then, they both leaned in for a kiss. “I sacrafice my daughter to you, and we’ll be together?”

“Yes,” he stated, holding her close.

After many years of working closely together, the Master and Elizabeth had developed a bond.

Elizabeth’s husband had become increasingly violent and abusive over the years. This was a secret she kept to herself. Alice would notice bruises, but never assume these could come from her own father. Stuck in a powerless situation, Elizabeth felt the only way to regain her strength was by obtaining power through the cult.

However, the Master was no match for Elizabeth. She ended up falling for him deeply, shockingly, without a choice. And so she lost her power, becoming his slave, desperate to be with him once and for all.

The Master confessed to Elizabeth a true story of how the love of his life broke his heart. He left out the details, but revealed he was never the same after what she had put him through. He said he would never trust women ever again, after her. He said he no longer had the capacity to love.

But Elizabeth was insistent. She would do anything to prove her love to him — including sacrificing her own daughter!

And so, they both made a promise. Elizabeth would spend Alice’s childhood grooming her into the perfect candidate. She would keep her hidden from the world so that she would never suspect what her “church” was capable of. Once her body was fully developed, around twenty-one years or so, she would take Alice in to become their prisoner for life. Alice would spend the rest of her days braindead but still alive, hooked to a machine that pumped out her blood. And the cult would use her blood during black magic rituals for their own benefit.

The Master turned away and bowed his head, “I understand… if you’re not willing to give up your daughter for me.”

“Of course I am,” Elizabeth tugged on his cloak and tried to look him in the eyes, but he wouldn’t look back. “If this is the only way I can gain your trust, I’ll do it.”

He let out a slight grin — which was very rare of him to do, and then ended it with, “we’ll see,” before dismissing her away.

Alice and Quade snuck out of work at lunchtime. Quade drove her to his home, where he would show her his father’s closet.

“My dad,” Quade began, “kept this door locked. My mom would always tell people not to go inside of it, that we should respect his privacy. After being put in the asylum, I was honestly too scared to ever give it a look. I didn’t wanna find anything that would scar me. But recently, I felt called to it, like I needed to see what was inside. And…”

Quade opened the door to reveal several bookshelves and filing cabinets full of books and papers.

“I found all of these articles about your church. But when I went to look them up online — no trace. But this stuff was in the newspaper! I somehow got into the newspaper archive and… still no trace! These are legitimate records of articles that never even existed. It’s as if he made them up himself… but why would he do that? You know, years ago, I would’ve said, yes, he’s absolutely psychotic and would totally do something crazy like this. But with everything I know now… all of these connections I found… I can’t ignore it.”

“So you think…?” Alice needed a moment to put all the pieces together.

“I think these articles really happened. I think he exposed this worldwide, mastermind cult. And it was real, and it was in the mainstream news, and people believed him!”

“But our memories have been erased?”


“The whole entire world’s memory? That’s over billions of people…”

“Yes,” he persuasively nodded, “and they’ve got control over all of us!”

Alice felt as if someone had grabbed her brain and cracked it in half like an egg, yolk pouring everywhere.

“Earth is just an ant farm to them,” he continued to explain, “they poison us, so we are all diseased and suffering. They use both scientific methods like chemicals, toxins, viruses, and so on — as well as supernatural methods like black magic rituals. All to keep us under their control, in a negative state of mind.”

“Why do they want to promote negativity on Earth?” Alice questioned, “a farmer who milks his cow wants his cow to be happy and healthy, the milk tastes better that way.”

“Look!” he handed her a folder chockfull of papers, “You can read everything about it. When a life-force is in a deeply negative state, they literally produce negative energy — and these evil aliens thrive on negative energy, the same way a plant needs sunlight to live, or the same way an animal needs food to live.”

“A negative energy?”

“It’s more than a feeling, it’s a legitimate energy. They can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, consume it…”

“And that’s the only way they can stay alive?”

“Yes! Think of a parasite who feeds on its host in order to keep living. We are their host, and they are the parasite.”

“And these are aliens?”

“Well, yes, one type. Apparently there’s all this proof here that there are many, many other alien species that are not evil but very benevolent. In fact there are several different alien species right now who are actually fighting for us. No one has any idea that any of this is going on, and has been going on for thousands of years.”

Alice took a look at the evidence to see for herself.

“Why does this sound like every single sci-fi book I’ve ever read?” she added.

My dearest,

I have been pondering what it means to be evil. What is the true definition? Is it someone who has never loved? Is it someone who cannot love? Or perhaps, is it someone who has loved and lost?

Is it possible that love and evilness are one in the same? Love can make a person do evil things...

For every “evil” person you have met in your life, there was always someone before you who made them that way.

Love always, xoxo.


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