Lessons I’ve Learned About Love In The Past Few Years

Going through bad experiences is necessary for knowing what you truly want. The past two to three years have been a whirlwind. I may look back at this as a dark time in my life, but I can also see it as an absolutely necessary part of my path for spiritual growth. Maybe I can… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned About Love In The Past Few Years

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This is why forgiveness is so important

For me, Christmastime is the celebration of Winter Solstice -- when the light of hope returns on the darkest day of the year, as the sun is reborn. It's the start of a new year and a new cycle, which reminds us that we have the power to start over. As Christians celebrate the birth… Continue reading This is why forgiveness is so important


Mythology | Aphrodite (Venus)

Aphrodite is possibly the most popular and well-known ancient goddess of modern times. Venus is her equivalent, Roman version, while Aphrodite is Greek. In some cases, she is known as "Venus-Aphrodite." Two other names include Cytherea (Lady of Cythera) or Cypris (Lady of Cyprus.) She can also be compared to Egyptian goddesses Isis and Hathor.… Continue reading Mythology | Aphrodite (Venus)


My Love Affair with Zeus (short story)

The following is a fiction tale based on Greek mythology… What’s it like to feel small? When people say “I feel small,” or “you made me feel small,” it tends to be a negative connotation. It typically means feeling worthless, insignificant, unimportant. Yet “feeling small” can also come with positive emotions. It can also mean… Continue reading My Love Affair with Zeus (short story)

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Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

I’m going to describe the basic meanings behind these elusive terms some people, usually from the New Age community, toss around — twin flame, soulmate, and karmic. While definitions vary slightly behind each word, because they are all simply theories, this is what I’ve mainly gathered… First, all of these concepts relate back to the… Continue reading Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic