Do you know me?

Distance is supposed to hurt; closeness is supposed to feel good. So why is it that, the closer to get to someone, the more it hurts? The little things that never bothered you before now have you fuming in jealousy. The fears that never crossed your mind back then now have total power over you,Continue reading “Do you know me?”

Anger is a shield, not a weapon

We are conditioned to believe that emotions are wrong, both the “good” and the “bad.” Of all the emotions, it seems that we fear anger the most. We believe that anger comes from a place of arrogance, that it leads to dangerous behavior and negative actions. In reality, it is the suppression of anger thatContinue reading “Anger is a shield, not a weapon”

When I say, “I’m a writer…”

When I say, “I’m a writer,” it does not necessarily mean I am a good one, and certainly not better than most. It does not mean I am sitting next to the highest and most qualified writers of all time. It does not make me special in any way. It’s simply what I do. WhenContinue reading “When I say, “I’m a writer…””

That was the broken version of me

I’m sorry to you. And when I say “you,” I don’t mean one specific person. I mean anyone who has only known the broken version of me. Life is a series of up and downs. We all go through phases — periods in which things are mainly peaceful and pleasant, along with periods in whichContinue reading “That was the broken version of me”

Yes, I can do it all

I have a lot of interests and a lot of passions. My “struggle” is that I feel like I have to choose, to only focus on one interest, or one subject. There are so many things I want to learn more about, practice, and also teach others. There’s a lot. I have my blog, andContinue reading “Yes, I can do it all”

Do not expect me to be perfect

Please, do not expect perfection from me. Do not put me on a pedestal… and then cry when I inevitably fail to meet your high expectations. Do not see me as a supergirl, because even superheroes have flaws. I do not claim to be perfect. I never said I was perfect. So never, ever, tellContinue reading “Do not expect me to be perfect”

Take your time

Take your time to grieve, and take your time to start over… I know I have written before many times about how good things take time and patience. But bad things take time and patience, too. You need the space to move forward from the past and into the new. Grieving is, unfortunately, a veryContinue reading “Take your time”

Love is green

Did you know that the color of love is not red — it’s GREEN! …? According to spiritual healers, the color of true love is actually not the bold red we commonly mistake it for, it is green! The body holds seven chakras, going from root to crown, from tailbone to above the head, throughContinue reading “Love is green”

Mystical Life of Pythagoras

Lots of mystery surrounds ancient philosopher Pythagoras. In modern times, we best know him from math class by the “Pythagorean theorem” — yet his legacy is far more mystical than what we were taught in school. Existing around 500 BC, there are limited reliable sources on his life, and some conflicting claims. Yet due toContinue reading “Mystical Life of Pythagoras”