A photoshoot of self-love

Many people enter relationships trying to escape themselves. The ironic part is that relationships teach you about a part of yourself you never knew. And if you can’t love yourself, you’ll never love someone else. Beauty for me, personally, is everything that goes against what we are taught to see beauty as. You see everyoneContinue reading “A photoshoot of self-love”

Luna gets spayed! + My new cat stroller!

Luna gets spayed! On Wednesday, I took Luna to get spayed. She’s recovering well but it was a stressful journey! Luna is eight months now. Early November, she went into her first heat cycle. Now people have different opinions as to when a cat should get spayed or neutered — some say immediately, at onlyContinue reading “Luna gets spayed! + My new cat stroller!”

Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!

Bad news… I couldn’t decide on a costume this year. Good news… I don’t have anywhere to go! It’s just my cats and me, stuck at home! The Coven Cheerleader The Black Cat The Groovy Ballerina THE CATS… Venus’s costume (left) is a black top featuring skeleton hands making the shape of a heart, alongContinue reading “Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!”

Fall festivities

Today, I visited my aunt and uncle, also got to see my other aunt and uncle, as well as my sister and cousin! It was a fun day full of fall festivities. It started with arts and crafts. We made “peg people,” which are wooden doll figures you can paint (I also added sequins toContinue reading “Fall festivities”