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Fall festivities

Today, I visited my aunt and uncle, also got to see my other aunt and uncle, as well as my sister and cousin! It was a fun day full of fall festivities.

It started with arts and crafts. We made “peg people,” which are wooden doll figures you can paint (I also added sequins to mine) and bring to life!

And here are the results…

My peg family
Priscilla’s peg family (based off her friends she’s gifting to)
The process…
Aunt Nancy’s leaf people (still in the process)
Julie’s peg family (also a gift for friend)
Still in process…

We all concluded that making art is equally stressful and satisfying!

We also went to Echo Hill for some cool health food (and not-so-healthy-but-yummy food!) We went pumpkin picking, and got ice cream at Longacres.

And then I did tarot spreads for everyone and they all felt it was accurate! It was really great to see everyone and so nice to all be together!


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