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Quarantine Halloween ~ costume party with my cats!

Bad news… I couldn’t decide on a costume this year.

Good news… I don’t have anywhere to go! It’s just my cats and me, stuck at home!

The Coven Cheerleader

The Black Cat

The Groovy Ballerina


Venus’s costume (left) is a black top featuring skeleton hands making the shape of a heart, along with a sparkly, purple tutu. Luna’s costume (left) is an orange shirt featuring a unicorn holding a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket, with the words “magically sweet.”

Call me crazy, but watching my cats run around in their costumes was SO ADORABLE and I couldn’t stop laughing!

I’m almost positive Venus thought that Luna was a different cat, unrecognizable in her orange outfit, because she was staring at her with cautious fear as if a random creature had snuck into her home.

It was a little trickier getting non-blurry pics of Luna, because she kept running around. I don’t think either of them minded the costumes too much, but were definitely happy once I took them off! I couldn’t resist, though!

Happy Halloween! Did you pick a costume for yourself this year? Have you ever dressed up your animals? I’m sure dogs have an easier time with costumes than cats!


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